The Way We Talk About Self-Driving Cars Is Going To Get People Killed

Autonomous Cars - Image from Popular Science.

Autonomous Cars – Image from Popular Science.

The dangers of over-hyped autonomy are getting too real.

Source: The Way We Talk About Self-Driving Cars Is Going To Get People Killed

There will be a time where autonomous cars will be running the streets.  It won’t be in the next couple of years and probably is about a decade off,  if the technology is good enough.

Car manufacturers would have you believe that their autonomous driving is ready for main-stream but this article from Popular Science points out we are a long way off.

People have already been killed, and car manufacturers are quick to bury these facts.

Take a read on the source article.   It has very good points and great information.

As for me – I would hope by the time I will need an autonomous car that this will be available.  It could be a great assistance for Seniors that don’t feel comfortable driving.  As for my mother who is 84 the technology will be too late.   At least Lyft and Uber are out there to cover the bases until this happens.

In the mean time, I hardly trust humans driving their cars and I am not ready for machines to take their place.   If you want to see how bad humans drive take the Highway 50 Commute from Placerville in California out to Highway 5 North to   Sacramento in the morning.  People are driving at 80-100 MPH with the CHP watching; weaving in and out of traffic in all-weather conditions – no signaling lane changes, tailgating – you name it.  Speed racer is out there as well as big-rig drivers tailgating.  Truckers think they can stop on a dime too.   It’s brutal.  Take that commute a couple of times and imagine machines making the decisions.  It would not be pretty – especially with a mix of machines and humans.  No technology is good enough to get through that!  As it is, humans crash all of the time.


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