California – Heading off a Cliff and Liberals don’t even know it.



It is interesting to see the swing in the state lately from the Democrats. It seems that they are not liking the immigration “Sanctuary Status” of the state and are deciding that is not so good after all. Also, they also realized that gas is now reaching $4 a gallon – which is taking a huge dent out of their income (liberals voted in the tax increases in the state legislature.) They also aren’t liking the outcome of decriminalization of theft which took the felony status away from thefts over $300 ( made it $1,000 per day instead) and are realizing that they are getting ripped off with no repercussions. They also have realized that the decriminalization of drug crimes has pushed drugs out into the streets. San Francisco is now a needle haven , where now they are starting to see decrease in visitation because people don’t want to deal with the drugs, crime and homeless in the streets. San Francisco is what the liberals envision this country to be.  The liberal California legislature wants the rest of the state to be that way.

It appears that Democrats are shocked that home prices have risen so high that they homeless population (the ones that want a home) have been pushed out into the streets. The housing prices are a direct result of liberal policies that have pushed up market values so people could take out equity and buy the big “cool things” – and now the payments are coming due and they realize that they can’t afford to pay for this lavish life style.  Can you imagine a small track home less than 1,200 square feet on a standard lot in San Jose, California can sell for more than a million dollars?   The liberal answer is more taxes and build those people “free housing.”   I wonder who is paying for that?

People are moving from the bay area at a high pace because the average person that has not been there for years can not afford it any longer. Besides high-tech there are no other jobs in the bay – except the service industry (stores) and the wages do not allow hard-working people to even afford an apartment unless there is a two wage earner family – and even that puts them below the poverty level there. The buzz word in the bay area is Texas — why? because in Texas you can afford a beautiful home on a two-wage earning income comfortably – good schools – low crime and conservative values – something that cannot be found in the bay area, and other coastal areas all the way to San Diego.

California has done a great job of pricing just about everyone out of the state – except for the rural areas where folks like me live – and their answer is to put hefty fuel, vehicle registration, fire taxes and property taxes on our back to support the out-flux of people moving out of the cities.  They are taking the lid off of utility producers pricing.  Electric rates are the highest in the country.  Water is a luxury.  We are “their answer” until we pack our bags and leave as well.

California is on the edge of what Detroit and Chicago are already facing – huge ghettos and high crime. For those that study the downfall of these cities they will see something in common with California – High Housing Costs, Low Wages, High Taxes, Decriminalization of Crimes, including theft and drugs and removal of the citizens 2nd amendment rights. What happened is simple. Manufacturing plants closed because they could no longer pay enough to get good workers, and housing prices crashed – the economy went in the toilet. When the tech boom falters, Google and Apple will start looking for ways to boost their shareholder values and stock. They will do this by closing their facilities in the bay area and taking them to areas that are affordable – that way they can pay less money, still have the tech and bolster the bottom line. They will follow the same suit that the Auto Manufacturers followed. (They started building cars overseas for cheap labor and housing.) It won’t be more than a couple of decades before San Jose will resemble Detroit, and Sacramento will look like Chicago. It has all ready started.

Just look at what is going on.  Protesters running the streets – breaking the law – Police standing there allowing it.  There is no penalty for crime or breaking the law.  It is normal for people to run from the police – smash windows and steal things.   It is a horrible thing when they point things at the police that are chasing them and get killed.   Starbucks is a horrible place for making people pay to use their tables, chairs and restrooms.   After all – paying customers can just go somewhere else – right?  It’s normal for homeless to accost people in the parking lots of stores demanding money.  This is all so normal.

For those of us that are old – we will see the decline (it’s in full swing) but won’t feel the full results – outside of the home invasions, theft, high taxes and crime that will come to our doorstep.  I have a warning for those that think they can step inside my door.   It has 9MM engraved on it.   Us old people are smarter than you think.

Not trying to be doom and gloom – Just a realist which can easily predict the future of what history has taught us. Liberals are soon to erase, destroy and forget our history and are doomed to repeat it.

That’s my commentary for today….

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