AB 2942 (California) An All Out Assault Against Free Speech and Religious Beliefs.

Assault on 1st Amendment Rights in California

Assault on 1st Amendment Rights in California

An All Out Assault
This is frightening!

From SOJ – Email 4/28/2017

A proposed law in California, AB 2942, could have a chilling effect on free speech, warn critics who fear that it could ban efforts to explain and promote Christian teaching on sexual morality. The broad reach of AB 2942 leaves even simple religious speech on same-sex attraction or activities open to legal action and impinges on the basic human right of freedom of religion.

Assembly Bill 2943 has already passed through the California State Assembly on Thursday, the bill now will go to the California State Senate.

Here is what this bill does to all Californians:

  • ANY book that discusses or suggests that there is a way to heal from same-sex attraction would not be allowed, in fact, will be outlawed.
  • Any school, college or church that teaches against homosexuality could be sued.
  • Any LBGTQ individual that wants to address this issue in any way (other than to accept it) would not be able to find a clinician or pastor in their state that would be allowed to help them.

It removes the First Amendment protection and the rights of those who have a Biblical worldview by telling them that they are not legally allowed to share their view.  While the bill does not speak specifically to the Bible, it does so underhandedly. Since the Bible does speak against homosexual activity, the government could easily use these words as fuel to make the Bible illegal.

When all is said and done, it is not the government’s job to tell the people what they can and cannot do in counseling. It is not their job to tell its citizens what they can and cannot read. Nor should they determine what should and should not be discussed in a church or professional function of any kind.  It is also not the job of the state to fine those that want to read materials that do not match the state’s agenda.

They haven’t left it there. 

California is now attempting to end this system of free association that allows people to define their local and religious cultures.  California Senate Bill 1146 seeks to limit the religious exemptions from federal Title IX regulations that colleges and universities use for hiring instructors, teaching classes, and conducting student services in line with their faith.  Under SB 1146, a college would be eligible for an exemption only for training pastors or theology teachers (at least for now).

This threatens religious institutions ability to require that students attend daily or weekly chapel services, keep bathrooms and dormitories distinct according to sex, require students to complete theology classes, teach religious ideas in regular coursework, hold corporate prayer at events such as graduation, and so on. In other words, it threatens every practice that makes religious institutions distinct from secular institutions.

People used to expect that attending something sponsored by religious organization required abiding by mores and behavior that religious body professes. There was a simple option for avoiding the ideas or practices of a belief system you don’t agree with: don’t frequent their space. This courteous expectation naturally applied to all religions and expressions of faith.

With the daily assaults on our freedom and liberties that are granted us in our Constitution, California is systematically stripping us of them and many don’t even realize it.  Our rights have been undercut and given to illegals who have more rights than citizens of this state.  Our freedom of speech is rapidly disappearing, our freedom of religion is almost gone, our right to bear arms is in serious jeopardy.  We are taxed, fined and regulated into oblivion.  What next?

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  1. Mike says:

    I am disgusted on how the Liberals in California are systematically destroying the Liberties we are guaranteed under the United States Constitution. They continue to dismantle our freedom – they have crippled our 2nd Amendment rights and are now doing the same to our 1st Amendment rights. It is sickening. It is a sham that if I voice my opinion I may be sued or jailed if my opinion is “deemed” in violation of the law. This is persecution for having an opinion contrary to the Liberals running the state. I love my home in the Mountains. It is a shame that I am being forced to sell it and leave to escape persecution. Sad.

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