Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Ready – and runs well.

Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04

For those of you that upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10 with Wayland and were disappointed like I was will be happy to know Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is rock solid.    The bugs have been worked out in this new LTS release and it runs very well.   The only issue that you may find is that the mouse edge scroll may hang with some computers on Firefox but this is not due to Ubuntu.  If you experience this problem and use edge scroll just turn off hardware acceleration in the General Preferences in Firefox.  You will find this issue disappear (most cases).  If this edge scroll problem is not fixed by this step then install synaptic from this link.


It will add additional mouse preferences and resolve the issue. Don’t forget to reboot to make the driver active.   I prefer synaptic – it does a much better job then libinput.    Note –  If you have trouble with the touchpad not disabling while typing open the command terminal (control T)  and enter this command:

syndaemon -i 1.0 -d -K

and hit enter.  This will disable the touchpad while typing so you don’t end up with text everywhere. Sometimes Gnome needs a little help getting this tweak to work and the Gnome Tweak Tool or System Settings does not seem to properly enable this.  The manual tweak works.   These tweaks probably do not need to be applied to newer computers because they just work – but older ones like mine- were not designed for Linux (Windows instead) and have proprietary hardware that may cause a few bleeps.

Ubuntu deciding to hold of Wayland until future releases was a wise idea.  It was not ready for mainstream and was the cause of issues within 17.10.  You can still try Wayland by selecting the gear icon while before you log in and select that instead of “X” however you will find that it will not work with some programs well such as teleconferencing and virtual boxes.

If you use a version like 16.04 which was the last long-term release you will have to upgrade it to 17.10 and then to 18.04 – and it will use a bit more that 2GB of data and several hours of downloads.   The other option is to back up your files to a file server and just do a clean install (the best option).

If you are sick of windows this is the way to go.  I have passed on this recommendation multiple times.

If you are not a Firefox Browser Fan, Google has a version of Chrome that works great and will run all of your games for those that use Facebook and Flash.   PepperFlash works great and should be installed with Firefox to get anything with Flash to work.   It has nice security and will ask if it is okay to run on a particular website.  (Flash has security issues that are well documented) so don’t enable it unless it is a website you trust.


  • Open a terminal window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and install the browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash package:

    sudo apt install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash      (Do this from the command terminal)  It will prompt for a password.

  • Restart your browser.



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