CA Lawmaker Proposes Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Serve on State Boards

A senator in California is proposing legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to serve on state and local boards.

Source: CA Lawmaker Proposes Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Serve on State Boards

The liberal insanity continues in California as a lawmaker proposes allowing illegal immigrants to serve on state boards.  What is next?  Do illegals need to serve in the house, maybe even get the chance to run for Governor?  This article exemplifies the stupidity of the liberal ideology and leadership.

I do not quite understand what is going on in the state I live in.   The leadership continues to undermine everything American.  They do not respect our immigration law here.  They think open borders are okay.   How many terrorists, murderers, criminals and gang members need to cross the border and do major harm to our citizens before the liberal left think about what they are doing?   By the time they react to their mistakes it will be too late.

Conservatives in California are a minority and will never be able to enact any change in our state.   We can vote, but it means nothing.   As more and more information comes to light about the corruption of the leadership in California will the liberals that are in the center of the political spectrum move for change?  Something to think about…

If California really wants more corruption and rescission of their rights just elect Gavin Newsom as Governor.   He will not only allow open borders but take away our 1st and  2nd amendment rights as well.   Liberal Left –  Wake Up!

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