UK schools replace analog clocks with digital because students reportedly can’t tell time

Some schools in the United Kingdom are ditching analog clocks because students reportedly can’t tell time.

Source: UK schools replace analog clocks with digital because students reportedly can’t tell time

It won’t be long before California follows suit in requiring all schools to replace their analog clocks with digital ones because students can’t tell the time just like in the UK.  I am also sure that California will have to add a percentage to the sales tax to replace analog clocks because it is racist to require students to read an analog clock – after all – little hand and big hand?  Also the clock face colors can’t be non-racist because any color represents a racial group and may have racial overtones.  (I know – Fake News) but I couldn’t withhold the sarcasm.  (Just in case I used a word that was not taught in school here is the definition for sarcasm.)

To be serious it is a shame that our education system in the world is becoming so poor.  It is dangerous for people to rely on current technology for everything.   What happens with a massive power failure or EMP –   These devices won’t function but an old wind up clock will.   The same concern I would share is about calculators.  Can people still do math – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division long hand?  What about a library.  Can a people still find books by reading index cards?  The old ways must still be taught in the world because nobody can see the future.  Anything could happen that could push our society back a couple hundred years.  That’s why people still need to know how to hunt, fish and grow food.  These are things that are falling away from our educational system that will cause the deaths of millions should our technology fail.   I was taught these things in school – however I grew up through the technology age.  I am a Senior.  My children were also taught these things (except hunting) and will be able to survive if something happens.

In the mean time people that make decisions in the UK should not cave in and change their clocks over to digital because their students don’t know how to read them.   It is not difficult to read an analog clock.  I know, my thoughts probably don’t align with others but I think we need to quit babying society.

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