Abortion Causes 25% of All Deaths in United States, Guns Just 1.5%

Abortion Causes 25% of All Deaths in United States, Guns Just 1.5%  (Life News.com)

Source: Abortion Causes 25% of All Deaths in United States, Guns Just 1.5% | LifeNews.com

It is interesting how the Hollywood elite and the Liberal class want to outlaw guns but are pro abortion.   When the statics add up in the United States almost a million unborn babies are killed by abortion but nobody seems to care, and out of that number 112,000 black babies are aborted but not a peep from Black Lives Matter.

There is a serious problem in our country when people scream about how bad guns are and they need to be outlawed when 17 innocent children are murdered in the Parkland School Shooting.   What the news media continues to hide is that the number of aborted babies by Planned Parenthood alone is 17 per 30 minutes or 297,840 deaths a year.  Nobody says a thing and there isn’t a peep from the media. Hollywood is silent.  Black Lives Matter is silent.  When Conservatives move to outlaw such a thing there is a huge emotional outburst and protests from the left – “how could you take away our rights” to murder our unborn babies?  Interesting though, guns are in the headlines.

Sounds like we have two different standards in America about preventable deaths.   Who is mostly accountable?  The people who kill first of all, and second the news media for not reporting all of the facts.  6 Million Jews were murdered by the Nazi’s in the Second World War.  This was horrible.  Almost a million unborn babies are murdered in the United States annually and nobody says a word.  What standards have we set for ourselves in America?  It seems death only matters when it isn’t an unborn baby.

Take some time to read the source article above if you want to hear the truth about murder in our country.  The liberal Democratic class thinks it is a person’s right to murder their unborn child.  What do you think?

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