California becomes first state to mandate solar panels on new homes

California has become the first state in the nation to mandate solar panels for all new homes, in a move to cut greenhouse gas emissions that critics say will end up raising home prices in the already expensive market.

Source: California becomes first state to mandate solar panels on new homes

Here is my take.   They are so full of poop it stinks!   First of all the best solar panel has a 30 year life – that’s good ones – the others 10 to 15 years.   Their estimate of adding 10K to the cost of a home is bull puckey!.  That would be a minimum system that would not generate enough power to offset the cost of the electricity used.   California is the most expensive state in the union to have electricity.  My standard rate is 32 cents a KW and that is the life-line rate.  (PGE)  My system produces an average of 600 KW per month and I still have to pay around $40 a month for electricity over a years time and I have the most efficient panels out there.

Also, who has their hand in the kitty jar with the solar companies?   You saw the vote 5 to 0.  This means solar companies profits are going off the charts because it is mandated by the state.  This is bull puckey as well.  A guaranteed income for those solar companies right?  And a guaranteed income for lawmakers and the guys on the Energy Commission.   This whole thing stinks.

Another thought…. Builders are going to put the cheapest crap they can on the buildings to comply with the law.  After all it raises the cost of the building and makes it harder to sell.  If I were them I would buy the cheapest crap out there –made in China- not the USA.    There is no standard that they adopted for the system size or output.  So what does that mean?  It doesn’t have to perform.  They also won’t be putting up panels where each has independent output.   Those cost a lot more – (What’s that mean?)  It means that if one panel is shaded the rest turn off.  Only good solar systems have independent output for each panel.   Look out Californian’s – You are getting screwed again.

So you know – another lie.  They said it would add 10K to the cost of a home (that is a low number)  10K borrowed over 30 years at 5% interest yields $9,326 dollars in interest on top of the 10K so you will be out 20K for a 10K system and your system will be worthless within 10-15 years (the panels will quit working) and you will still be paying on them.  Also, who is pocketing the solar rebates?   The builder – NOT YOU.  Again you are getting screwed.     If I were you I would not shop for a new home in California period!  Buy an older home and invest in a good solar system, if you want one – make sure it is sized correctly and you get the tax credit into your pocket.

Anyone that has invested in Solar like myself needs to understand that the payoff based on the current utility rates in California is about 7 years.  That is if you buy your system (no leases) and pay cash for the investment (no interest).  If you go the way California is requiring it will take 14 years before you break even on the cost of solar and most likely the system will be at the end of the life cycle when it’s paid for.

It does pay to have solar if you are working and you are going to put them on your home while you are making good cash for retirement.  When you retire your income will crash – and you will need the solar to supplement the power bill.   That’s why I laid out 20K for a 6KW system  (14K after Solar Rebates) made in the U.S.A. that are the highest efficiency panels, string inverters for each panel (independent output) and a 30 year warranty.   I figure I’ll be dead in 30 years so after that it doesn’t matter to me. When I am on a fixed income I will have a small utility bill which I will need.  It’s pay now or pay later.  I paid now while I am making good money, so I can have more money at retirement on a fixed income.  Note – I have a 20K system on my home and it puts out 600KW a month on average (granted – I am in the mountains with trees)   What kind of output do you think you are going to get with a 10K system?  The math does not add up!

I am surprised California has not mandated this on all used home sales yet, but I suppose that is coming.

California is one of the most corrupt states, with the most corrupt politicians, with the highest taxes anywhere.   My message for you California is “you suck.”


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