Last Man Standing Returning to Television (FOX Network)

Tim Allen, Courtesy of Wikepedia.

Tim Allen, Courtesy of Wikepedia.

The sitcom the “Last Man Standing” featuring Tim Allen is returning to television later on this season.   If you remember ABC canceled this program for no reason (8 Million Viewers – 2nd Most Popular show on the network).   ABC denies that this was politically motivated but those with reasonable intelligence know otherwise.

ABC is a very liberal network that does not support anyone that has views that support a Conservative point of view or President Trump.   Anything said about Obama or Clinton that is negative somehow gets shuffled to the side.   ABC is not the worst however, NBC and CNN get higher ratings here.

Anyway, I have always liked Tim Allen and his guest star Jay Leno.   They are lots of fun when the are working together and the show should bring some laughter.

Congratulations Tim Allen and your entire cast for making a comeback.   I am looking forward to see what comedy you have for us later on this year on the Fox Network.    Thanks Fox for not allowing politics to interfere with your judgment.


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