One to Track in California – Assembly Bill 3042

The liberal, socialist State of California is at it again.   A bill quietly introduced by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D), would designate the third Monday in February “as a single school holiday to be known as ‘Presidents’ Day.'”  The bill would subsequently get rid of either George Washington or Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as a holiday and designate May 1 as “International Workers’ Day.”  International Socialist Workers’ Day, or “May Day” had been observed in countries under Communist rule and was an official holiday of the Soviet Union.

Why does California continue to embarrass itself to the rest of the country?  Do we celebrate the greatest country in the world and are most prestigious Presidents or do we celebrate Marxism and socialism in America?   The liberal Democratic party in California continues to rip at the fabric of our country and our culture.

I would ask why Californians continue to elect these people into office?  Do they automatically follow the sheep to the “DEM” beside the name on the voting ballot?  Do they spend sometime researching candidates before they vote for them?  The June primary ballot in California is going to require a lot of work.   Over 20 people are running for Governor.  You should see what their “bio’s” say.   It’s incredible.  It also amazing to see these people continue to get elected.   Look at their voting records!  It speaks volumes!

If Californians wants to retain its heritage then the voting population should make a change.   As it stands California is violating its own constitution when it agreed to become a State of the United States on many fronts including the Federal Supremacy Law.   It is sad that the people have no representation (Oligarchy).   If you call one representative to almost a million citizens representation then I guess you think you are represented.  For me this is absolutely ridiculous.

What will even further scramble my brain cells is that people will actually vote for this guy when his re-election comes up.

Does anybody ever look at the voting records of people running for the Senate, House or any other position in government?  This speaks volumes about what they think, what their political stance is, what their private views are, whether they will support and defend the Constitution, maintain our borders, vote for fiscal responsibility, make sure tax dollars are not diverted to pet projects and more.

Maybe I am old-fashioned but moving to strike the honor of one of our Presidents in favor of a Socialist holiday is not something I think is good.  Are we a Federal Republic or not?  If Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D) is on your ballot this year I highly recommend you vote for someone else – someone who stands for America, someone who stands for our heritage, someone who truly is an American.

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