Government Corruption at it’s Highest Level

Government Corruption

Government Corruption

Many people have turned off the news and are trying to ignore the negative press on the President of the United States.  The news media tends to print negative stories against the President 90% of the time to get higher ratings and advertising dollars.  The truth does not generate revenue.

What is being ignored in this country is the highest level of corruption of our Government most likely in the history of our Nation.   Not only at the Federal Level is there high levels of corruption but at the State Level (especially California) where I reside.

For those of you that have been asleep perhaps it is time for you to awaken to see what is going on in our country.

  • Total Corruption of the FBI at the highest level.  Officials have been failing to do their jobs and lying to their constituents.
    • Botched Hillary Clinton Investigation where highly classified email was read around the world.
    • Botched Clinton Investigation of Uranium One.
    • Botched Clinton Investigation on the Clinton Foundation and Illegal Donations for favors.
    • Fake Russian Investigation on the President of the United States.
    • FBI Mole placed in the Trump Campaign.
  • Department of Justice Corrupt – Failing to provide information to Congress on open investigations and redacting information that may be viewed as unfavorable to certain political parties.
  • State of California – Illegal Sanctuary State law passed which is against the Law and violates Federal Law on a number of levels.
  • State of California – Violations of the 2nd Amendment rights by refusal to allow people to carry firearms to protect themselves.
  • State of California – Passage of Illegal Taxes (Gas Tax) without the vote of the people.
  • State of California – mismanagement of tax funds, diversion of tax funds to unintended projects.
  • State of California – manipulation of the ballot laws by controlling which political parties will be placed on ballots on elections – not allowing parties with fewer votes to be on the ballot;  Republican, Independent, Peace and Freedom .. etc
  • State of California – Failure to follow constitutional guidelines on required representatives in government which under the United States Constitution is 1 representative for 66,000 people –  Currently the State is about 1 representative for over 750,000 residents.  In addition 2 Senators now represent approximately 20 million people each.  This is not a Constitutional Federal Republic, but an Oligarchy.
  • State of California – passing laws against the 1st amendment and freedom of speech making it a crime to speak negatively against anyone in the LGBTQ community.
  • State of California –  Legalized Murder of babies through abortion.  Humans are babies at the point of conception.
  • State of California –  Decriminalization of Crimes such as Theft allowing crime to go unchecked in cities.
  • State of California – Release of Prisoners before their time is up due to “over crowding” and placing criminals back on the streets to commit more crimes.
  • State of California – Allowing Illegal Immigrants to receive financial assistance with tax payer dollars when they have broken the law by coming here.  This includes – medical, housing and food.
  • State of California – Allowing Illegal Immigrants to obtain Drivers Licenses – and allowing Drivers Licenses to allow registration of Voters – which could add illegal immigrants to the voter roles.   This is already evident in Los Angeles County where there are 140% voters on the voting roles (40% – illegal registered voters) – due to immigration, death or other reasons where the voter roles were not purged.

These are just a few.   There are so many bills and laws on the books that are pending which are specifically intended to revoke our citizens freedom and basic rights it can be mind-boggling.   I am not retired so I have not had time to research each and every law but my blog lists the big ones.

There is more;   Political Ads that are being aired on the Television are full of lies and deceit.   There is no research going into these ads at all.   If people just watch liberal television and make their choices from the ads alone there will be more corruption in government and rights taken away.   There are many tools to research people running for government jobs.  The internet provides all sort of information including voting records of these politicians.  Those alone should tell you what they support and don’t support.  How hard can it be?

If you are getting your information off Television on what is going on in the world and our country you are just listening to propaganda that was meant to provide you with a complete “snow job.”    ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC are just a few of the corrupt news networks that do not provide the truth at all.   Those organizations have been called out by special interest groups for their lies.    It is pretty simple to find out the facts.   There are news organizations all over the world.   Yes, some write their articles in a foreign language, however thanks to “google translate” you can read all of those articles to see what is really going on.   Ever read a news story out of Israel, France, Spain, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, China or Greece?  Most of you have not.   Maybe you should try this some time.   You might see a whole new perspective on what is going on in the world.

The headline of my Article is “government corruption.”   Does anyone else see what is going on in the United States?  Does anyone see the high level of corruption or am I the only one?  Did anyone read how corrupt the Climate Deal was for America?  How about the one-sided trade agreements?  How about the Iran Deal?    The Sale of Uranium One?  The Clinton Email Scandal?  The Fake Russian Collusion Stories?  The focus on Stormy Daniels which has nothing to do with Government?  The FBI Corruption?  The fake news about assault weapons?  The hidden statistics about how many humans are killed due to abortion daily?  The hidden news about death by knives?  The fake news that Semi Automatic Weapons were only invented in the 60’s.  The hidden news about the mistreatment of our Veterans?  The Billions of dollars that our government pays out to able-bodied people who don’t want to work?  The refusal of government to fund or border wall even though the majority of tax-payers want this to happen?  The abuse of power in Federal and State Governments?  The cover-up of gang members entering our country illegally?  The flip-flopping of Government elected officials on issues like the Iran deal?

Maybe most of America does not care anymore.   The kids are into their video games – and cell phones.   They have no idea what is happening in the world – and they have no moral compass.   Parenting is gone – children are passed over to the Television and Electronic devices for babysitting.   There is very little religious guidance.  Educational systems are degraded in this country with teachers no longer teaching History and Government.  Parents are irresponsible with their pistols and rifles; not locking them up and allowing free access to their children so they can murder classmates at school because they no longer can tell the difference from reality and fiction.  Video games help on this avenue.    Social Media is out of control and children are using this tool to destroy each other.

As long as all of these things are going on the government can paint whatever picture they want and the sheep will just follow.

It is time to wake up.   It is time to force elected officials to represent “You” instead of “them.”   No taxes should be added without a two-thirds’ majority on a vote.  No law like the “California State Sanctuary Law” should be ever allowed to pass without a two-thirds’ majority voter approval from the State.   Legislators should not be able to pass laws without the voters approval.  Illegal Laws should never make it to a vote (Sanctuary Laws in violation of Federal Laws.)

It is time to take back our country.   President Trump has the right idea, unfortunately his level of professionalism and behavior is not presidential.  On the other hand neither is the behavior of our News Media, Certain Members of the House, Senate, Department of Justice and FBI.   It can’t be that difficult to tell the truth; can it?

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  1. Mike says:

    Fresh off the Press! Corruption in the Obama Administration at the high levels of the DOJ, FBI and CIA – Who would of thought! Anyone that is surprised about this must have slept the last 9 years.

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