Starbucks – Homeless Problem Solved – A test on Liberalism.



Before I write anything I have to say I am not a Starbucks Customer.  I find their prices too expensive and I am not interested in the high calorie drinks – even though I have a family member that has worked for the company for years (inside a Safeway) and thank goodness she will not have worry.

Starbucks (for it’s retail store footprints) has crafted an internal policy that anyone can come into their stores, hang out, use the restrooms or whatever and do not need to be a patron.   This sounds really cool to the Liberals but it isn’t going to go as planned.

“A Test in Liberalism. Will it work?”

First of all Starbucks has just invited the homeless and drug users into their location.  This is a place they can get out of the weather, have a restroom to clean up in and shoot up in.   They will hang out and take up all of the tables and chairs that are there for paying customers.  This will be a hard lesson for the liberal company because patrons will ultimately make the decision not to patronize the locations.   Who wants to go into a place with homeless and drug addicts to get a cup of Coffee anyway?   Not me and probably not you.   The die-hard customers will move to the drive-thru and then find the wait in line just too long so they will venture to safe havens that have more sensible policies.   This is really a shame because many business people meet in Starbucks to have a quick conversation or meeting.   This is (was) a nice place for that.  Unfortunately the change in policy may end all of this.

I have a different opinion on most of the homeless (because there are a few that really don’t want to be).   After all my sister’s son has been on the street for years.  He is perfectly capable of working but enjoys the free money from Social Security (yes your retirement fund) and the handouts.   He does not want to work— ever.   He enjoys the free ride and this new policy from Starbucks will give him a warm location to hang out in – instead of under a bridge.   Homeless people do not want to be saved, just as drug addicts just want to get high.   They don’t want to work or be a productive part of our society.

So…. the demise of Starbucks should be apparent in a year or so.   They should see declining revenue and dirty store conditions, including restrooms and employee turnover.  After all, who wants to clean up human waste, needles and trash from these folks?  Maybe what I have said has gone too far.  After all, nobody knows if this will change Starbucks or if the word will get out into the street that this is a place where it is now okay to hang out.   The real problem is that the working class will now have to think twice about using Starbucks as a destination for a quick meeting and a cup of coffee.

I have read some articles about this on the web and the folks that are commenting are pretty much in alignment with what I think, but who knows –  maybe this experimentation in Liberalism will work.  I have my doubts –   If you have SBUX stock I would think of moving it into something else that will have a growth potential –  after all homeless don’t have a portfolio or care if your stock goes up in value.

In the mean time the homeless problem should be solved in short-order after all – Starbucks is changing their business model.

Starbucks is big in Seattle.  They should look at the millions of dollars spent in Kings County alone on trying to clean up the homeless and drug problems that have been created there due to policies that don’t make sense.

Restrooms and facilities should be for paying customers.  I do understand that restrooms should be available to the public, after all,  my company allows anyone to use the restroom.   It is just the right thing to do.  Allowing use of the tables and chairs to “just hangout” is not a good idea.  This isn’t really a racist issue, drug issue or homeless issue after all.   It is a common sense issue where a business should have the right to determine that their facilities can only be used by paying customers.


  • Starbucks clarified its policy saying employees have been instructed on how to deal with customers who are disruptive, smoke or use drugs or alcohol or sleep inside the cafes.  Really?  So do I want to get into someone’s face because of this new policy?  I am sure employees of Starbucks don’t want to deal with this as well as calling the Police to deal with it.  How would you like to be the store manager that get’s their name plastered all over the news and fired for having a non paying person in the store using drugs or sleeping?   The liberals would have a field day!

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  1. Mike says:

    It is interesting what peaks people’s interest. Starbucks will either grow or die based on its decisions. It is the same with all business. When I wrote this article I was not expecting that it would be as popular as it is on the web. It is interesting what peaks the interest of people nowadays. With all of the crazy things going on in America – Starbucks seems to be getting the lions share of the media’s attention.

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