President Trump makes a Good Call on the North Korean Summit

North Korea

North Korea

President Trump made a good call today by sending a cancellation letter to Kim Jong-Un on the upcoming summit on June 12th.  First the North Koreans missed an important meeting which was going to set up the summit and second of all Kim Jong-Un called Mike Pence our Vice President a “political dummy.”

Our prior administration would have “kissed behind,” to keep the summit for political advantages.   This would have made our country weak.

It is correct to stop the meeting when weak North Korea is hoping we will cave into its rhetoric.  Leaders of countries, if they are going to respect one another do not do name calling when they are going to have an important summit.    There must be dignity and respect from the Leader of North Korea as well as the President of the United States.

Here is the letter from the President:


To cancel the summit was the right thing – as well as canceling military exercises with China because they have militarized the South China seas.

Criminals, Terrorists, Thugs and Dictators must be dealt with from a position of power.   The United States is the most powerful nation on Earth.  As a country we have made the decision long ago to use our power only if absolutely necessary to maintain peace in the world.

North Korea can be easily destroyed.   The United States has many low yield Nuclear Weapons that could easily destroy Kim’s hardened Nuclear Facilities as well as his conventional weapons.  There is a possibility that Kim could get off a nuclear missile that may not get destroyed as well which could mean a serious loss of life in Japan, South Korea, Guam or the western coast of the United States.   War is not a game and lives can be lost.   The question is if Kim is allowed to continue to build these weapons, will he use them? The more advanced his weaponry gets, the harder it is to stop him.

Kim Jong-Un would be smart to start negotiations with the United States.  There is a definite upside for his people by stopping his nuclear programs.   I do understand the importance of defending your country so it is understandable why North Korea wants these weapons.   The unanswered question would be,  would he use these for a defensive posture or would he attack other countries.  The reality is we do not really know what he would do so to err on the side of strength for our country is the right path.

The Liberals (Democrats), the liberal news media will spin this as Trump lost an opportunity to stop North Korea’s madness.  The reality is that we didn’t stop it in Iran with a weak deal.   That is why President Trump ended it.    Our President is sending a strong message to the world that the United States is a power, an independent nation that will decide what is best for its citizens.  The European Union and other world powers can decide on their own what is the best for them.

Strong Leadership and dealing with a position of strength will keep the enemies at bay.   The ground breaking deployment of our F35 fighters being able to deliver low, medium and high yield nuclear weapons to targets will send a message to the world that we are not weak.  These are new offensive weapons developed to deal with countries like North Korea and Iran.  Most people have their head in the sand and think we are not continuing to develop weapons to protect and defend our citizens.   Our advancements in Rail Guns and Chemical Laser weapons is amazing – and leading the world.

North Korea can continue to live with blockades and starve its people or can join the rest of the world and live in peace.  It is their decision on what they want, not ours.  The United States will not be threatened by other powers and will do what is necessary to protect its citizens.  That is what taking the oath of office is all about (or have the liberals forgot this?)

It will be interesting to see how the game is played in the upcoming months.  If it goes wrong it is possible to see North Korea launch a nuke.  We will either be able to destroy it or it may penetrate our defenses with a significant loss of life.  This is a huge sacrifice however North Korea will cease to exist and the world will understand or resolve.

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  1. Mike says:

    The North Korea Game – it is being played well. I like the Fact that the President did not allow Kim to get his way. The cat and mouse game will continue.

  2. Mike says:

    Looks like the Summit is back on. Dealing from strength instead of weakness seems to be working.

  3. Mike says:

    People are making comments on the web that this meeting was meaningless and just a political stunt. Tell that to the 200 families where the remains of fallen soldiers are finally being returned to America. Political Stunt?

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