California Senate OKs bill raising age to buy rifles, shotguns from 18 to 21

The state senate in California on Tuesday reportedly voted in favor of legislation that would up the legal purchasing age for rifles and shotguns and would set restrictions on how many long guns could be bought monthly.

Source: California Senate OKs bill raising age to buy rifles, shotguns from 18 to 21

The lack of intelligence of the California legislative body is mind-blowing.  They make a big deal of passing Senate Bill 1100 that stops anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing a long gun and limits the purchase to one rifle or handgun a month for everyone else.  Again the left is exercising its authority to slam the Second Amendment rights of young citizens even though these citizens are young enough to fight in our military.  It is also slamming another restriction on law-abiding citizens to exercise their rights to purchase what they want in the United States which was founded on Freedom.

The thing that really bothers me about this legislation is it means absolutely nothing.  First of all unless you have lots of idle cash lying around most common folk cannot afford to buy a gun a month, maybe one a year.  Handguns are relatively inexpensive but long guns can run upwards of $1,500 or more for nice ones.  So what does this restriction do?  Nothing but piss off people who believe in the 2nd Amendment.

If you have been sitting in a closet the school shootings are not being done with long guns that were purchased by people under 21.  These are being done by children taking pistols and rifles from Mom and Dad who have not been intelligent enough to lock up their firearms and give their children a moral compass.  Responsible gun owners lock their stuff up, especially if they have children in the home.   Where are the parents in all of this?  Not being held accountable for sure.  Why do kids do this?  Because Social Media, Cell Phones and Video games provide their education instead of Schools, Parents and Churches.

I have said this many times.  Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Abortions kill a massive amount of people and it is not even talked about. Where is the legislation to stop killing babies?  I know – the right to choose to murder or not – right?  There are pills that can be taken by males and females to prevent pregnancy.  With this in mind should women have the right to murder, while my gun rights are infringed by law-abiding citizens?  After-all, pregnancy is preventable right?

If anyone watched Americas Got Talent on 5/29/2018 there was a young woman that rapped about guns being the problem.  It’s not guns, its people, it’s the media that glorifies these shootings.   Why does every television show allow politics to interfere with entertainment?  It is social media, that makes these kids out to be hero’s.   They get their moment of glory plastered all over the television for weeks and girls write them love letters while they are incarcerated.

Yes, the California State Senate thinks they did a big thing.  Honestly they did absolutely nothing to solve the shooting problem in California or the rest of the country.  If a child wants a gun they will find one, because there are irresponsible parents and owners that don’t lock them up and social media and television glorifies these events.

Since this is an election year I suppose lawmakers can now go on television and say that they did something so they can get more votes.  As far as I am concerned the Liberal Leadership in California is doing nothing but destroy this great state, put restrictions on Law Abiding Citizens, place a significant tax burden on those that work and put lives at risk due to their irresponsible acts on Immigration and early prisoner releases.   As for touting this as a big law change – I am snoring.  Why don’t you spend time addressing our broken infrastructure, outrageous fuel and energy prices, illegal voters and welfare fraud for starters.  These are much more significant problems than guns.

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