Social Media – It’s Time to Walk Away

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media is out of control in not only the United States, but the rest of the free world.   Social media is a place where people put out their thoughts for everyone to read.   Twitter (Tweets) is one of the biggest problems in the media world.  I am not saying that Twitter is the problem – it is people who go to that media medium to say what they want which usually creates huge issues for them.

It only takes a second to post a tweet, and moments later the media is seizing the opportunity to read your tweet and see if there is anything that they can pick apart and use against you.   The biggest problem is many use this medium and engage their mouth (or typing fingers) before they put their brain in gear.   These emotional reactions are causing people to lose their jobs.  Even our President can’t seem to control himself in his posts.  Barr and Maher are just a couple that hit the headlines for their use of language.

People are looking to blame someone but really the blame rests within themselves.  I don’t use social media.  Why?  Because I have control over my website and the material it has.   Yes, my opinions are mostly conservative and sometimes I walk a fine line on what I have to say, but I can easily shut down my website in a few clicks.  Will I be able to erase the first 320 characters of my articles on the web on search engines?   Well, not really.   It will take a few weeks for those to go away, so being careful with these excerpts are important when running a web blog.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram hold your data for perhaps years.  Deleting your account does not delete the data.  There are mounds of legal mumbo jumbo in the terms of service of these organizations.  So if you mess up, hold on to your hat and expect a wild ride, loss of friends, jobs and more.  The invention of the “screenshot” will get you anyway.   Anyone can screenshot my website but nowhere in my articles does it contain my “first and last name.”  On Twitter they know who you are and there is no hiding it.

My recommendation is to completely delete social media.   Kill your Facebook page, Twitter Tweets, Instagram and every other social medial tool.   If you have something to say then say it to your friends and family.   It’s probably not being recorded and it is certainly not in print and probably won’t cause you to be labeled a racist or lose your job.

I am careful what I put on the web.  I do have a way of blocking sensitive subjects for “members only” reads and I post few articles there.  I am not here to make money – no advertising on my site, but use this as a tool to vent and place a different light on situations that I see.   In the media it is not as it seems.   There is always a political slide to just about everything.  They seem to control what they want the public to get upset about; The latest round is about school shootings have just recently been a problem in America when they have been going on since 1764.  The other things they would have you believe was that automatic and semi-automatic weapons have only been around in America since the 1960’s when they were around in the 1800’s.   I guess Americans forgot about all the gangster movies with fully automatic machine guns?  Yes, the guns were real and they were fully automatic not semi-automatic like they are today.

Since the media is ready to pounce on everything that is said on Social Media it is time to walk away.   It is time to stop tweeting and posting on these forums.

If you want to have an opinion publish a blog and keep your information private.  After all, nobody knows who owns Nimaway Blog unless you actually know me.   That’s the way I like to keep things.   After all this is my legacy and upon my death family members will be able to see what I thought about the world until my website eventually dies.   In the mean time I get to keep my job and my opinions without people hanging on every word waiting to execute me.


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