Media and Leftist Stars Play Game out of Trump’s Playbook

The Game of Distraction

The Game of Distraction

Has anyone been keeping score from the leftist media, comedians and Hollywood elite?   If you have not maybe you should take a look.  If you have been reading the news it is almost entirely made up of insults, name calling, comparisons to MS13, expletives and more.   The headlines have been so pervasive that people cannot help themselves from falling into the trap.  The trap is a distraction and it is right out of President Trumps playbook.    It appears as the media is in complete shambles, but it is learning.

The game the media is playing is called distraction.   By attacking the President and his family with name calling, insults and comparing them to hideous gangs it has driven readership to a high level which generates revenue.   It also detracts from the recent successes the Trump administration has had on North Korea, trade, job growth and the economy in general.

If people really think these comments from a laundry list of comedians and Hollywood stars are a complete accident I would say they are completely falling into the trap that has been set.   If people think the big stories from ABC and TBS are a complete accident by people running their mouths than think again.   Barr’s tweets were something that came out of her mouth without help but it did propel ABC to the top of the news by canceling her show.   This was an immediate way for ABC to remove a conservative from the mainstream.   This is about an agenda and ABC knew their ratings would increase as well as ad revenue if they canceled Rosanne.  Bee and the TBS scandal was done completely on purpose.   People think this is a conspiracy theory but it isn’t.   When has anyone seen TBS take a top spot in news coverage?  Bee gets an award from the station.     It’s like the headlines that the Obama’s are getting millions from Netflix.   All of these are headlines that detract from the successes of the Trump Administration.

Most people are quite simple-minded and never think deeper about what is going on in the world.  Some of us have to pause and think about why these things go on.   Look at the California Primaries.  Gavin is pushing a republican agenda (he’s a Democrat for governor) to kick all of his Democrat competition to the curb (California only allows the two top vote receivers in the General Election) so he can guarantee his win this November.   Some people see through it and there is a chance it could back-fire and Cox could win the governorship.

As large media corporations, comedians and the Hollywood elite study the Trump playbook they will continue to learn how to distract the general public and blind them to what successes the Republican leadership in Washington is having.

With the mid-terms coming we will see if this distraction ploy will work or if the American public is more intelligent than the left gives them credit for.   In the mean time the right will vote to continue the path on our improved economy, or strength in the world market in both trade and politics and our fight against illegal immigration.   The left will continue to trash, distract and attempt to cover up the successes of this administration.   Will it work?

The temptation to read the headlines with all of the name calling is hard to resist.   I would say resist it and if you do read the news take more time to find articles that talk about what is going on in the world.  Trade, North Korea, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, militarization by China, Syria, Iran, Jobs, GDP and more.  This is more important.

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