California one step closer to expanding Medicaid for illegal immigrants

California is one step closer to expanding Medicaid for illegal immigrants in the state, with legislation from both chambers of the legislature that could reach Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

Source: California one step closer to expanding Medicaid for illegal immigrants

This is what absolutely pisses me off about living in California.  First California breaks Federal Law by allowing illegal immigrants into the state, hides them from prosecution, give them a driver’s license, welfare and now medical coverage all on the dime of the tax-payers.   Read this article!


I hope this information influences the primaries as well as the election this fall.    California is completely out of control starting from the Governor down to every single politician that votes for this.

California can’t balance the budget for more than a couple of years, continue to raise taxes because they can’t manage things, loses millions of dollars of tax-payer money, votes for more gas and vehicle registration taxes because the original gas taxes went for something else instead of fixing roads and their government pension plan Calipers is blown up.   California has the highest taxes in the Nation.  California has the highest Fuel Costs in the Nation.   California has the highest amount of homeless in the Nation.  California housing prices are among the highest in the Nation.   Prop 69 has to be put in place by the voters to stop California from spending money that was earmarked for one thing but spent on another like medicare.

If you think I am pissed off you are absolutely right!   This is total bull-crap.  Hey Governor Brown?  How are you going to pay for this one?  More taxes on the overtaxed and burdened middle class?

If you think your tax dollars should be going to illegal immigrants go ahead and vote for your Liberal Politicians.   Just remember when your wallet is empty and you and your family are hungry you voted for it!   All I can say is this is not the way it is supposed to be and like more and more Californians maybe it’s time to pack our bags and move to a state where common sense people respect hard-working Americans. [/restrict]

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