Our Country is in Big Trouble – Listen to these Americans.


Listen to these Americans. It is amazing that they don’t know who the Vice President is. They all hate President Trump and want him out but they don’t even know who his replacement will be. This is so sad – What has happened?  Remember, these are the same people who vote in our elections.

Do they just vote for anyone that has Democrat next to their name?   It is not a secret why our country is such a mess.  I can only hope these people just stay home in the mid-terms.   We need people who have a brain voting.  Perhaps there should be a basic IQ test to show a minimum amount of intelligence before voting.  Our forefathers didn’t plan for having such uneducated people voting.

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  1. Mike says:

    Final thoughts. Before voting – registered voters should have to pass a test. Here are the questions. Who is the President? Who is the Vice President? Who is the Speaker of the House? How many members do we have in the Senate? How many members are in the House of Representatives? What is the address of the White House? Who is your current Governor? These simple questions will probably screen out 3/4ths of the voters.

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