The Tony’s – A Liberal Awards Show – Is Conservative Bashing a Surprise?

Awards Shows

Awards Shows

I like many others did not turn the channel to the Tony awards.   After all, the liberal awards shows are for mostly the Hollywood elite and are used as a bashing event on President Trump and Conservatives.  Should anyone be surprised that De Niro went through his “F” laced rants?  After all, De Niro is 74 and losing his mind.

In his day I really liked De Niro as an actor.  I felt he really made some good movies but as of late he has been producing nothing but garbage.  De Niro is no different from most of the Hollywood trash.  There is quite a bit there.  These millionaires believe that their money provides them the right to say what they want and act how they want.   They also believe that average citizen really gives a hoot what they think.   Quite frankly I don’t.   I have my own opinions about things and don’t care much for someone who thinks that because they are a Hollywood Star that gives them the right to make foul-mouthed statements on the air.  The sad thing is they are so conceited that they never gave a thought that some of their audience might be children watching the awards with their parents.  Do young children really need to see De Niro releasing the “F” Bomb on prime time television?

These outbursts are pretty common day with the liberal groups – just look at the news network hosts and comedians.  I have written blogs before about this poor behavior and I am sure most adults recognize this.

If anyone tuned into the Tony’s they should have expected to see this kind of behavior and I feel bad if their children were in the room when this happened.   Television used to be clean.   Like other Hollywood events another awards show goes tainted and it’s ratings will fall as decent people turn away from this sort of behavior looking for a bit more decency.

Like most decent folk in America we vote with our wallets on a lot of things.  De Niro is off my list for movies from now on.  He shouldn’t be rewarded for his behavior and his apology mission to Canada.  If he likes it there so much maybe he should  move there.  Perhaps a more socialistic type of government is more fitting for him.

We all have the right to free speech.  It is guaranteed under the First Amendment.  We also should have the basic intelligence to know when to exercise those rights.   We must know our audience.  Does De Niro behave this away around his family?

In the mean time I have the intelligence to make the decision of what I watch on TV.  There are a few shows out there that do provide a clean night of entertainment.  The CMA’s is a recent example.   In the mean time there are a number of television networks that provide good clean entertainment and educational programs that don’t have a political spin or people making vulgar, racist and political comments.  I have the freedom to watch want I want and to boycott what I think is not good for America.

Not all people from Hollywood are bad, many are decent folks.  It is those that think that we want to hear their voices and opinions that don’t matter.    Hollywood stars are paid to entertain us.  They live in a world of make-believe.  It is hard to swallow their opinions when they release a “shoot em up” movie and then say my gun rights should be suspended.  Well, I am sure you get my point.

As for the Hollywood awards shows – I won’t be watching them.   As for television shows that live off political bashing, people bashing and insulting, I won’t be watching those either.  As for news stations that don’t report the facts, I don’t watch those.  We have the right to choose folks and a right not to hear you.   They will only listen when you hit them in the wallet.

One last thing.   The news media had De Niro’s  “F” ranted video all over the internet.  I didn’t watch that either.  It is enough to know what he did without seeing or hearing what he did.  I have better things to do then hear a 74 year old man spew profanity over the airwaves in Prime-Time.

This is my rant for today.  God Bless.



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  1. Mike says:

    Trump’s Tweet to De Niro was right in line.

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