California’s new water rationing law is a tax in disguise, complete with fines

Last week’s column about California’s new water rationing apparently upset some of the Golden State’s swamp.

Source: Tammy Bruce: California’s new water rationing law is a tax in disguise, complete with finess 

This is an amazing article full of facts and truth about California passing another bill (tax) without approval of the voters.   The bill is intentionally set to pass additional taxes on to citizens by limiting the amount of indoor water used to 55 gallons a day per person.   Like most people there is only one meter on a home and there is no definitive rules on how to differentiate the difference between indoor usage and outdoor usage.  It is also interesting on how they are going to enforce this.  Do we take illegal steps to see what the head count is in each home?  Isn’t this an invasion of privacy?   Do we get more water if say your relatives from out-of-state pop in for a week or do we just get charged exorbitant water fees?  If you have a property zoned agricultural you will have to submit a plan to the state every 5 years of your estimated water usage.  Are we all weather experts?  Can we predict accurately all hot spells of weather 5 years out?  What if you own multiple homes and you rent them out?  Who is responsible for maintaining the property – the renter or owner?   If the landscaping dies who will be responsible?    In Folsom, California they are building 11,000 homes south of Highway 50.  If we have such a water shortage why are we building more housing?  Shouldn’t the infrastructure support the homes first?

If you are left with the same questions I am asking then you already know we have been had.  California has added another tax and is rationing the greatest resource to humanity.  This is another power grab by the California government against its citizens.

When will Californians wise up and stop voting these people in office?  Being a blue state common sense is already out the window.  Just look at what is going on in California and say you can make sense of it.  I can’t, and being a minority (white and Republican) there is no way that I will ever be able to vote this out.    Like others, I am being slowly stripped of my rights and forced to leave California.

Californians, do you approve of the government fleecing your pockets?

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