Why am I labeled a Racist and UN-American?

Why am I labeled a Racist and UN-American?

Recently I posted a comment to an article I found on the Mountain Democrat, a local newspaper in El Dorado County in Northern California. Some of the people commenting on the same article called me UN-American because I have conservative views and on another article I was called racist because I don’t support open borders.

Our country is in sad shape. People rant and rave and call people all sorts of things because you do not share the same views that they do. Now being called UN-American is hurtful. First of all these people do not know me at all. They don’t know that I am a Veteran and put on the uniform to defend our country and their rights. UN-American? Only a small percentage of American citizens has the courage to enlist in the military and put their life on the line for America. So why do people think they have the right to call me that when most of them probably have not served this country? Ignorance and prejudice is clearly evident on the left – alive and well. Do they understand how good we have it because of the many men and women that died for their freedom? Do I take offense when I am called UN-American? Darn right I do.

Racist? Now I don’t understand that one either. I was called a racist along with many other Americans because I support the current administration. How does not liking open borders (illegal immigration) make me a racist? How does enforcing current immigration law make me a racist? How does me liking lower taxes make me a racist? How does supporting some of the changes in government make me a racist?

I, Like many Americans do not like Twitter. Why? Because you can tweet before you engage your brain. If you make a mistake it is posted for life!

I don’t like the President’s tweets but I do understand why he does it. He does it because the news media does not give him a fair deal, so this is how he communicates. Quite frankly I don’t like some of the stuff he says. It’s embarrassing. I know what kind of person he is. We all know his past and some of it is quite checkered, however he was elected by this country as our President. So for the next 4 years, good or bad we will all have to deal with him because that is how our government works. I didn’t like the 8 years under Obama at all, but I didn’t call people names like racist and UN-American.

If you look at our entire society it seems very bitter. The left – not the right is doing a lot of damage to our country. The left has comedians and Hollywood stars insulting and bashing the president and his family. Nothing seems to be off-limits. The left – not the right are the ones calling me a racist and UN-American because I am a conservative. The left does not know me and has no right to bash me. That right (to bash me) is reserved for my immediate family and what I get from them is probably deserved. I don’t give a hoot about what other people think however I don’t call them a racist or UN-American when I don’t agree with them. I simply give my point of view and remember that I served our country to give them those rights to speak. As a Veteran I have earned mine, for them it was a gift from our Veterans.

As a common sense person I have never agreed that people shouldn’t have their 1st Amendment rights. Our Country has given all individuals that right. I always thought however that even though you have these rights that you should have the respect and decency to decide when and when not to use them. People say that when I point out it is not good to call people names and insult them and suggest that it shouldn’t be published they say I am in favor of Censorship and I am UN-American. I am not in favor of censorship however I am in favor of decency. Say what you want to friends and family, but have some decency.

So this is the current tactics of the Left – Name calling, insulting, profanity, calling you UN-American just because you don’t believe in what they believe in. This is the world that we live in.

I have not lost faith in our country. I have lost faith in many of the people who live here. They take many things for granted.

Sometimes I wonder if I am wrong and then I see our cities like San Francisco and Chicago, one full of murders and the other full of empty syringes, human waste, homeless and garbage. These two cities have something in common. Liberal….. So I ask myself are the policies of the left good for the country and America? I do see what they are trying to accomplish, open borders, free food and medical to all but who pays for this? Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.

Our country was founded in a revolution. The next revolution is already here. Walk the streets. We have a huge drug epidemic, homeless wandering the street, crime is increasing and government in liberal states are ratcheting up control. California has just taken the most precious resource, water and regulated its usage. When you control the water you control everything from people’s rights to keep clean to growing food for yourself in your own yard.

People like me are considering leaving California. The sad thing is the liberal disease is spreading and unchecked it will cover this great land called America and when it does America will be great no more.

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