Dogs versus cats: Scientists reveal which one is smarter

A dog’s bark is only a ruff means of communication. Instead, we should be looking at its wiggles and squirms.

Source: Dogs versus cats: Scientists reveal which one is smarter

Interesting article on the smarts of Dogs and Cats.

I already knew before I read the article that Dogs were smarter than Cats.

That does not mean Cats are not intelligent because they are.   I have had both.  Dogs understand a lot of language and hand commands that Cats plain just ignore.   I have seen Cats play fetch, throw things, open doors and more.  This article explains why Dogs have the upper hand.  My dogs can play fetch, understand all sorts of words like dinner, pill, fetch, get an item, mom’s home and more.

On a side note I believe both Dogs and Cats are smarter than politicians, especially the ones here in California.  Both Dogs and Cats clearly have more common sense and don’t like intruders (uninvited visitors).  They are also smarter than drug addicts and the homeless.  They learn to keep a home and don’t abuse drugs;  A dog will bust you with your drugs in a moments notice.  Just ask the Police.   They can also sniff out bombs and cancer.  They are also very loyal to their owners and choose their acquaintances carefully.

If you disagree comment and plead your case!

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