Why Comments from Celebrities Don’t Matter

Why Comments from Celebrities Don’t Matter

The news has been blow up lately from people who think they are important making comments and telling me what I should think. People from News Sources and Hollywood are all telling me what I should think. They tell us what people should wear, what they should think, what they should support and why their view is so important.

I look at my local newspaper (The Mountain Democrat) and read the comments to the letters from readers and the opinions of others. The nasty comments, name calling and hate are at an all time high. People are obsessed with their opinions so much that they are willing to throw their neighbor under the bus and threaten them.

This is the sad state of our Country. People have learned that whatever they read on the Internet must be true so they take it as fact. Then they take a false statement and run with it as fact, and hate anyone that disagrees with them.

I don’t know why people believe celebrities or what they have to say. Most of what they say is to generate revenue for themselves, after all they are not the same people as we are. Most of them have lavish estates, security guards, expensive cars and millions of dollars. They live in a world that is different from the world that you and I live in. Yes, I suppose acting is difficult and requires long hours so I am sure that they work hard, however they are completely divorced from reality. They do make-believe for a living.

Comments from Celebrities are hollow for the most part. They scream about Immigration but I don’t see them doing anything about it. You don’t see them using their wealth to build facilities to house these people. You don’t see them feeding these people. They scream about broken families at the border but do nothing about it. People like me are living paycheck to paycheck. We can’t afford a trip to the border or a night’s stay in a hotel. We don’t have money lying around in piles to help these folks. So celebrities are just liars. They speak to us like they are these Gods that have put themselves on pedestals but do nothing about the situation but blame others.

When I speak about celebrities I am just not talking about Hollywood. I am speaking directly to the news media and so-called journalists. I really believe the purpose of the news media is to drive political tension across America. These people are supposed to report the news, however they don’t. They report their beliefs and political agenda and those people who believe the source is credible think everything they say is true. News isn’t credible much anymore.

If you spend hours on the Internet looking for the truth good luck. I have read Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, Reuters, The Christian Science Monitor and a thousand other news sources. Each of them have a completely different opinion on current events. Immigration is a great example. Liberal sources of the news paint the current Administration in Washington DC as horrible people for stopping immigration at the border. Conservative news reports that the Immigration Laws are being enforced from laws passed by previous administrations. Neither paints the entire truth. Children are separated from their Parents at the border because their parents have committed a crime by crossing our border illegally. Children are split up because they are not housed in the same jails as adults. Can you imagine the crimes against the children that could happen? The left says don’t split them up because that is a horrible thing. The right says they are just enforcing immigration law. Each view is so deceptive that Americans don’t know what to think so they rant and rave and tell you what to think.

If you want to keep the borders closed and a country then all people should be turned back at the border. This means when families show up and make an illegal border crossing they should all be put on a bus and be returned across the border. This does not split up families nor does it tie up our legal system with prosecuting these people who are illegally entering our country. Now this is common sense but would not sell well for the celebrities or news media. Of course this is my opinion and I am just a common person, not a pundit or pretend pundit.

Now that I have expressed my opinion on what I think the solution on the border should be ask yourself this simple question. Did I call people names? Did I threaten people? No. I just made a common sense decision. Do you think people would continue to try to cross the border knowing they were going to be turned around and sent right back? Our legal systems not be jammed up. Families cease to be split up.

Celebrities are never a place that you want to go to for the news or an education about current events. I highly recommend that you give the news a break for a while. I am not saying that you shouldn’t watch it but if you do, realize that most of the information is biased by celebrities. If celebrities tell you what they think ask yourself one simple question. What are they doing with all of their millions of dollars to make it better? Are they just spewing their garbage or are they actively involved in making things better? Screaming, name calling and holding signs is not solving anything except getting people all upset like in my local newspaper, neighbor calling neighbor names because they have different beliefs.

Use your brain, think for yourself, turn off the news once in a while. You might find yourself a happier person. Finally don’t listen to celebrities. They have their own agenda and it isn’t the same as yours. Remember, they are rich and have a totally different lifestyle than yours.

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