Why the Unhinged Behavior of the Left Guarantees Conservatives Remain in Power

A day can’t go by where you read the news where there is one comment after another from the left doing something stupid.  Maxine Waters is telling people to harass President Trumps staff.  Waters is an elected representative of the government from Los Angeles California.  She is just the latest in a string of ill-behaved people from the Democratic Party.   It is interesting that these people think an apology is supposed to make it all better.   God says to forgive people.  He does not say forget what people do.

The American people are not going to forget how embarrassing the behavior has been within the Democratic Party and the people from the left.   It is just like  Kindergarten or Grammar School where children behave poorly.   It is hard to believe that this behavior is from adults, much less from famous people or elected officials.

The Supreme Court is striking down every grievance from the left  that has tried to prevent our President from restoring security to this country.   Banned Immigration from several countries that breed terrorism was finally upheld.  It is stupid that people think open borders are safe.

As the left continue to eat their own there is some common sense starting to come out of the media.   The media is worried that the poor behavior will guarantee the Republican Party will stay in power and for the most part that is true.

Even though the coastal liberal states will remain liberal the Democratic party has nobody with any leadership or an agenda.  They are too busy name calling and insulting, acting like children to produce any sort of agenda that Americans will believe in.  Many of us are tired of open borders, out of control spending, people insulting the first family and other people in positions of authority.   These people were elected constitutionally by the electoral college which exists to give low population states a voice in government.  The presidents cabinet had to be approved by a majority of the Senate.

With all of our problems in government people acting unprofessional will not gain votes.   The exact opposite will happen which will guarantee that the Republicans remain in power.

I am saddened like other Americans about the comments President Trump makes via Twitter.  Many of those are not presidential and an embarrassment to our country.  Fortunately the President has made great strides in improving our country; tax overhaul, tougher immigration laws, negotiations with North Korea and adding strength to our trade agreements.   These are only a few but are seen by the majority of common sense Americans as making the country better.  The unemployment is low, the GDP is very strong and our military is strong.   ISIS is not near the threat it was and we got out of the bad Iran agreement.  There was also the climate change agreement we backed out of which was bad for our country.  I am not saying that we don’t need to make changes to make our climate better. We don’t however need the world making decisions for our country.  These things and more will move the vote towards the conservative side.

It is quite possible that I am wrong in my prediction.   Angry Democrats will turn out in droves to try to win back their liberal policies and probably undo all the progress this President has made.  I am sure that the Republicans like myself will not make the mistake of missing a vote.  We are intent upon making our country strong again but we may not win.  Look at the European Union if you want a taste of what liberalism and socialism is.   Canada is already mostly that way and Mexico has no control of their country.

I always thought that the people who had the most decency and common sense would rise to the top and run our country.  Like many Americans I want people who are reasonable in power.  Not all Liberal ideas are bad, some are quite progressive and make sense but I can’t buy many of their ideas, and neither can many common sense people.  I certainly don’t approve of people who insult and name call.  I don’t think people like Schumer and Pelosi are right for our country.  They have flip-flopped too many times and have lost complete touch.  To the Dems it is about power and control, not what is best for our country and because of that attitude I hope that they remain out of power.

If you think that the Dems will regain control take a moment and read all of the blog comments on the news websites.  Look at the name calling, insults and horrible behavior.  I agree, it takes two to have a difference of opinion but how about acting like ladies and gentleman?  I don’t see that happening anytime soon.   Trump has until 2020 to make the necessary changes to protect our way of life.  He has already made some solid decisions in the Supreme Court that will last for decades.

When good people govern we have good government.  When angry mobs try to govern nothing gets done.  The Democrats have blocked every chance they get.   The sad thing is some of the legislation was good, even on Immigration.  Common folk want to get things done – so voting Republican in the mid-terms will continue progress, voting Democrat will stop the progress.  I wonder which way it will go?  Will the reserved and polite win or will the rude and angry prevail?  We will see this fall.  In the mean time I live in California so I am a “lame duck.”  No matter how I vote or what I do liberals remain in power.  I don’t like it here but I love the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe where I live.   It is troubling to me that California wants me to leave.  Who knows, they may get their wish as I am 6 years until full retirement.


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