Would Someone Please Tell Me What the Democratic Agenda Is?

What is the Democratic Message for 2018?

What is the Democratic Message for 2018?

As we roll into our July 4th Holiday celebrating our Independence our sad state of political affairs comes to mind.  We are a great country and have gone through some very difficult times.  All one needs to do is study American history which is hardly taught correctly in our education system anymore.    Our world is so politically correct that the facts don’t seem to matter anymore.

The Democrats have been screaming hate language about our President, with a litany of name calling and threats of impeachment. The have been screaming Trump is all sorts of things including racist, Nazi, the Fuehrer and more.  All I hear about is Russia, Russia Russia!  We hear that Trump is the cause of child separation at the border when it isn’t true.  The Supreme Court does not allow children to be housed with their criminal parents.  It is a crime to cross our border illegally.  There are calls for the elimination of ICE.  People like Michael Moore, Tom Steyer and Maxine Waters and a large group of Hollywood are calling for harassment, impeachment and more.

So what is the Democratic message?  What is their agenda?   What are they running on for the mid-term elections?  As a voter I would like to know these things.   I hate Trump isn’t a message.  Russian collusion so far seems to be just a waste of tax payer dollars.  The FBI has shown major corruption.  I hear eliminate ICE.  What are they running on?   Is it universal health-care, higher taxes and open borders?   Someone please add a comment so I can understand because right now I see absolutely no benefit of putting a Democrat in power.   They have not lowered my taxes.  I live in California.  I just pay more and more.  They have not done anything to correct our Immigration issues when in power so I doubt anything will change there.  They keep interfering with my 2nd Amendment rights so no help here.  The Obama healthcare thing was a nightmare and they have offered no solutions here.  They didn’t do a thing about North Korea so no help here either.   They did not have the courage to move the embassy in Israel or defeat ISIS.  Can you see my confusion?

So what is the Democratic message?  Why should I vote Democrat?  Somebody please tell me.

It would be nice if our wonderful media would put up a simple slide stating what the Democratic Agenda is.  I assume the media along with the Hollywood pundits know – or do they?

When I read the comments people put out on the web about news articles they are just calling each others names.  Then both sides state false facts about why their way is correct.  It is neighbor vs. neighbor.

The only thing I notice as an American is that the Trump Administration and the Republican Party has a plan.   They have lowered taxes.  They are re-negotiating tariffs.  They have lowered unemployment by reducing corporate taxes helping companies invest in America by creating more jobs.  ISIS is defeated.  The Supreme Court agrees that we can limit immigration from dangerous Terrorist havens.  North Korea is at the negotiating table.  There is strong dialog between China and the US.  Immigration and strong borders is a loud discussion that was hidden by past administrations.  Iran has been put in check.  Now this sounds to me like a message and a plan I can get behind.   Am I missing something?   The comment door is open.   Tell me – what is the Democratic message?

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  1. Mike says:

    This is the Democrat Socialist now running in District 14 in November. This is the new Democratic Party. She is for No Borders, No Profit and No Prisons. That is exactly what she said. How will this work? Also she does not know the difference between “Red and Blue” when talking about Republicans and Democrats. She is also total without knowledge on world events like Israel.

  2. Mike says:

    Been waiting for a month and still no agenda. Just a lot of name calling to the opposition party and some news headlines about socialist democrats. Is it higher taxes, open borders, elimination of ICE, DACA, tax reform, universal health care? I think the parties theme should be name calling, comedians holding severed heads, refusing to stand for the National Anthem and higher taxes.

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