Judge Blocks 1 California Sanctuary Law, Allows 2 Others

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California can limit police cooperation with immigration officials and require inspections of detention facilities but can’t enforce a key part of a third state sanctuary law barring private employers from allowing immigration officials on their premises without a warrant, a U.S. judge ruled Thursday.

Source: Judge Blocks 1 California Sanctuary Law, Allows 2 Others

Here is the bottom line – The Judge still does not allow cooperation between law enforcement and ICE.  It does allow ICE to inspect the employers premises without a warrant which is a win.   This will make it tougher for Illegal Immigrants to gain employment because there is no “safe haven” at work.  Sorry Dems – you will no longer get notice when ICE is scheduling raids.

It is sad that California puts the safety and lives at risk because of open borders.   This is what happens when the mob rules the government and pockets are being lined with cash.

California used to be a destination point, for its beauty, mountains and oceans.  It is no longer.  People are leaving the great weather and beauty for other places that are similar.  Why?  Because we value family and want safety for them.   California has compromised that for all.  One only has to read the news to see why.   It won’t be getting better here anytime soon because as long as the Liberal Democrats are in-charge there will be no changes for the good.  Most of us that have common sense are planning our exit.  I am betting it won’t be long.


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