College Bound Kids Whining about Low SAT Scores


I took at the news this morning and caught this article about kids whining about low SAT scores.   The first thought that came to mind is that our younger generation continues to blame the system for not getting what they want. 

When I went to school nobody complained about their SAT score.  It was what it was and if it was too low then it required a lot of studying and a retake of the test to better your score.   This generation complains about the low score and tries to get it changed.   Again the young generation leaving high school for college feel they are entitled to a higher score and have been taught that complaining about it would just fix it.

The educational system is broken.  Our youngest generation is not even properly taught about United States history or our political system.  Most think we are a Democracy instead of a Republic.  Most can’t name the important figures in government.  Most open their mouths and repeat what the majority says without doing any research to see if it is true or not.  It is easy to see.  These folks are supposed to be our “future” so they say.

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The obvious solution to low test scores is hard work and studying.  That is the way it is done.  To complain about a bad score just mirrors the student complaining.   The largest problem with America today is the amount of uneducated people in the system.   They are all looking for the easy way for everything instead of just doing it right.   They were taught in school that nobody looses, everybody makes the team and that nobody gets an “F”.    That is not real life.   Everybody fails at something, not everyone makes the team and not every SAT test taker gets a good score.   Get over it!

The perfect SAT score is 1600.   A score at 1200 is at the national average.  The kid complaining out this had a score of 1380.  The score is respectable according to the national average, but the kids thinks he deserves a higher one.  I say shut up, study hard and retake the test.


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