California Supreme Court Removes Will of the Voters

State of California

It is amazing how people only pay attention to the News Media and pass tweets back and forth about how much they hate President Trump but allow things to occur in their own backyard that is outrageous.  For those Californians asleep at the switch again here is what your courts did to you this week.

In California 600,000 signatures were obtained from legal voters on an initiative to place a California three-state split on the ballot for November.   Now I do not agree with Draper’s three-state split proposal; I would much rather see the “Jefferson State Solution” because it makes more sense for California.   What is disturbing is the power the Supreme Court in California has.  Because the courts here are so tied to special interest groups at the bang of a gavel took the Draper Initiative off the ballot for November citing that it needed more study.    Since when does the decision of the courts over weigh the decision of the registered voters in California to place an initiative on the ballot?   Since when does the State of California’s legislature yield more authority than the voters that elected these representatives?

In California there is no longer a government that represents the people.  Instead we have a corrupt power-hungry oligarchy that is in control.

How many voters paid attention when California passed a law that voters can only put an initiative on the November ballot on even-numbered years?  Yes, this is a law too, so what the Supreme Court has done has taken the Draper initiative off the ballot and delayed it until at least 2020 and by then they will find another reason to block it because California wants to retain its power in the electoral body instead of allowing the people to vote and change government.

Why I am not in favor of the Draper Initiative, Three State Split in California.

Even though I am quite disappointed of the power of the courts and government in California I am further disappointed with the Draper Initiative on a three state split that I would have never voted for.   First, it splits the state into three Liberal Democratic controlled regimes, controlled by Democrats with proposed capitols in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego.  These areas make no sense for California since these still control California by liberal cities instead of the logical differences in California.   California has three distinct areas, Technology which is the coast, the Central Valley which is farming and the Mountain rural areas which are areas for the Timber Industry, Cattle Ranching, and Wineries.   These are general breakdowns but all have different needs.   In addition Washington DC would never allow a split to occur where California would bring 6 liberal senators to Washington.  Two liberal senators are enough.   The Jefferson State split proposal is more in-line for what California needs but you would need to read that proposal and decide for yourself.

Food for thought;  While the major networks are beating their drums to heighten the Trump Hate movement the state legislature and courts here are plotting weekly on how to take more of your freedom away as well as your income for taxes.  Voters need to start paying attention to what is happening in California instead of their total focus on Washington DC.  After all, what happens in Washington DC clearly does not have the same effect on your family.  Remember that your state has much more control over you.

My question to my readers is;  Do you think California Courts and Politicians are working for you?

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