The Nutty 9th Circuit Court Gives 2 Wins for 2nd Amendment Rights

2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment

The Ninth Circuit Court which typically makes crazy rulings that are overturned by the Supreme Court made two surprise decisions this week overturning two laws, one in California and one in Hawaii.

The ban against magazines having more than 10 rounds in California was overturned.  Activists, supported by the National Rifle Association, have argued that the state’s ban on ownership of magazines holding 10 bullets or more is unconstitutional. They won a preliminary injunction by a San Diego district court last year, and a three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit backed that injunction Tuesday.

In addition the ban in Hawaii to carry a firearm in Public was overturned.  The liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals endorsed the right of individuals to carry firearms in public in a ruling Tuesday, striking down a lower court argument that the Constitution only protects that right at home.

Many of us who support 2nd Amendment rights are surprised by these rulings but are happy with the outcome.  It is about time the Ninth Circuit Court got it right.



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