I’m Confused… California Boasts a Balanced Budget for 2018 but is 426.1 Billion in Debt

The California Balanced Budget Lie

The California Balanced Budget Lie

I am confused with all of the news reporting from California.   Governor Brown and his liberal political associates boast that California is the 5th largest economy in the world and that it has a budget surplus.    California also has one of the highest State taxes and largest amount of money spent on welfare annually (18.1 Billion) and the highest cost of fuel in the nation. But what isn’t talked about is California’s debt.

California Financial Debt According to the U.S. Government Website

So how can this be?   According to the figures released by the United States California has the highest debt in the nation followed by New York and Texas.   So why are California representatives lying to us?  News articles that have been posted in the local papers all say how great California is doing financially.   Interesting enough the Federal Government pumped 330 billion of Federal Taxpayer money into the state and it still can’t come close to running a fiscally responsible state.

Welfare is out of control, Liberal Health-care is out of control and immigration is out of control.   California has open borders to our neighbors to the south.   When people cross illegally they are invited in and most end up on some sort of government sponsored welfare.   Of course all of this is not in the news but if you dig about where your money goes in California the truth surfaces.

California has some of the dirtiest cities in America.   Look at San Francisco for example, needles and human waste litter the streets in this once great city by the bay.  Los Angeles is home to one of the largest homeless population in the nation.

People that used to be middle-class are out of a home and into the streets because the high taxes have forced them out of their homes.

The California retirement fund (CALPERS) is 19% of the budget.   How do people retire from working making more than they did working?   Great question.

It is sad to see every state in debt to some degree, Wyoming the least in debt with around 700 million.

I am tired of all of the lies coming from the Government body here in California.   Look for yourself and see what is happening here.  Home prices are out of sight, lots of people living here illegally, drugs and human waste covering the streets of our once great cities.

When will the California legislators and Governor be held accountable for this financial mess?  If Liberals want to know if Socialism works maybe they should take a look and the California balance sheet.  California has already run out of “other people’s money.”   Now they just borrow it.

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