Judge rules state should repay $331 million in housing funds

In a decision delivered last month, Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley ruled Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature acted unlawfully in diverting more than $331 million out of $410.6 million in mortgage settlement funds that were intended to help homeowners struggling with foreclosures.

Source: Judge rules state should repay $331 million in housing funds

I stumbled across this article today.   So, California steals 331 million dollars out of a fund that was intended to help people with mortgage foreclosures.   This is how California does it.   They say, it was due to a budget crisis?  This is another misleading statement from Jerry Brown and the state legislature.   Again, they were caught “red-handed” stealing other people’s money.  If California has to steal money for budget shortfalls why is it touting a budget surplus?

This is just like all of the money we paid to fix our roads.   They stole from that budget as well and then leveraged an outrageous gasoline tax and hiked vehicle registration fees because they didn’t have enough money to fix roads, all without voter approval.  There was money to fix the roads.  It was stolen.

Any citizen that stole money is subject to criminal prosecution and jail time, however Jerry Brown and the state legislature can steal 331 million dollars and have no consequences.

These people need to be voted out of office and honest people should replace them.  How can they sleep at night knowing they stole 331 million dollars that could have helped people avoid foreclosures?  They cry about separated families of illegal aliens on the border but not a word is said when California families are thrown out in the street due to a foreclosure.

My closing thoughts…..  This was a story buried in the newspapers and not reported by most.  Why does the larger newspapers not report the news?   This is something that people need to know about.


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