Report: Forest Mismanagement Has Brought ‘Unprecedented Environmental Catastrophe’ To California

Fires in California - a Century of Forest Mismanagement

Fires in California – a Century of Forest Mismanagement

‘A century of mismanagement’

Source: Report: Forest Mismanagement Has Brought ‘Unprecedented Environmental Catastrophe’ To California

This is what happens in California when environmental groups do not understand the dynamics of forest maintenance.   The source article is a good article explaining why California is having devastating wildfires.

The logging / timber industry was almost put out of business here in California.  It is busy again because the industry is logging all of the dead trees burned in fires or killed in the drought.    The real problem is a century of mismanagement where proper prescribed burns and thinning has not happened.

I have been threatened by many wildfires where I live.  So far CALFIRE, The U.S. Department of Forestry and Local County Fire resources have done a great job protecting life and property.   Unfortunately fires like the King Fire in Pollock Pines, the Carr Fire in Redding and other huge fires impacting the state in areas like Clear Lake, Napa and Southern California have all been caused by people and have become huge events due to Forest Mismanagement.

I have no doubt my home will burn.  It is not a matter of “if” it is a matter of “when”.  My homeowners insurance went up by 30% between 2017 and 2018 and many homeowners are having their policies canceled.

There is no protection afforded by fire breaks when you live in the trees.  The fires are so hot 100 foot trees ignite into an inferno.  The embers rain down on homes starting roofs and decks ablaze.  There is no protection for that or the weather created in these fire-storms.

It is clear that nobody wants to shoulder the blame here in California.  The easy thing to do is blame it on global warming.  Think about this.  In 2017 Northern California had one of the heaviest rainfalls on record.   Pollock Pines recorded near 80 inches.   Lakes and rivers were full, yet the fire season was one of the worst on record…..  Global warming?   Not so much.  It is called forest mismanagement.   This has been caused by the war on California’s timber industry.  If you don’t believe it take a look at the closed facilities like in Camino, California which were once booming lumber mills.  Many lumber mills were closed down and thinning in forests stopped.  Now the vegetation is so dense when these fires ignite there is no stopping them.  If you don’t think these fires are hot look at the pictures of melted cars, rims, engine blocks and steel buildings.  Think of all of the lives lost protecting “your stuff.”   The Sierra Club and other environmental groups were clearly wrong about our Forests.

Go ahead and tell me these environmental groups were right. Include your reasoning for that.  I will probably fully disagree with you.   Maybe a fire that burns down your neighborhood in the city will open your eyes to a significant problem we have here in California.   Don’t forget to cry when PG&E turns off your power due to a red-flag warning.   In the mean time remember that voters in California never had a say on what happened in our forests.   It was special interest environmental groups paying off legislators in the State Assembly.




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