California bill seeks to ban sugary drinks from kids’ menus. Outrageous!

The default beverage would be plain milk or water.

Source: California bill seeks to ban sugary drinks from kids’ menus | Fox News

This is absolutely amazing.  The government is passing a law to tell you what your children can drink at restaurants.  Its waiting for Governor Brown to sign.  What next?  

I am totally amazed everyday I pick up the news in California.   The outrageous liberals in charge drive me crazy.  Every day they pass a stupid law that directly interferes with our freedom.  This isn’t a federal republic anymore.   To force restaurants to only offer milk or plain water to children is absolutely stupid.   This is a choice that parents should be making.  Is lemonade and iced tea toxic?  What about a milk shake with their burger.  This is communism at its best.   This should be immediately be taken to the courts and there should be an injunction passed.

California is completely out of control.   It’s bad enough that liberalism has caused the once beautiful city of San Francisco to hire people for a poop-patrol for 750K a year because people now crap on the streets.  The streets are littered with needles because its a drug haven and a haven for illegals.   This obviously is more important of a problem then telling parents what they can feed their kids.

Vote republican in November.   Get rid of these rejects running for re-election.

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  1. Mike says:

    The communist state of California, where straws are illegal, kids can only order milk and plain water when eating out, where its legal to poop on the streets and shoot up, where illegals are welcome, where murderers are pardoned and where you get 55 gallons a day of water to survive on. Incredible – but we can spend billions for a train to no where.

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