The left has no message or response to resolve today’s issues.

I have been reading quite a bit lately in the news, especially my local paper to see what people are thinking.   If you read the responses from the bloggers who comment on articles from the left they are all filled with name calling and Trump hate but none of the responses have a message or solution.

There was a long article from about our forests in California; about the problems of forest management and some potential solutions.   The left simply bashed the writer, called him names and spewed unimaginable hate.  I simple posted a question to this person.   What would be your solution?  Of course this went unanswered.   

This started my tactic of just writing a simple line on each of these hate responses on numerous articles of today.   What would you do?  Explain your point of view to me?  Where did you get your facts?  What is your solution?   It is interesting how the left just blows you off when they are asked their solution.  This seems to be the theme across the Internet,

Maybe it is popular to bash President Trump, after all he is an easy target.   He does get the job done but he does lie a lot and is caught frequently doing so.  We all know he paid off women to make his image look clean, we all know he sent is son to Russia to get some dirt on the Clintons; the same thing the Clintons did to him.   There is no secrets here.   It is dirty politics and the way our American political system is.   There has not been a squeaky clean President in a long time.  The only difference is that it can’t be covered up.

So what exactly is the left’s message?  Is it Ocasco-Cortez and her pure socialist message – take from anyone that has money and give it to others including free school, housing and medical?  After all she has no plan or message except to push her socialist agenda without a plan on how to pay for it.  She then blocks media from her home-town meetings and declines debates.   There is no message here.

I read thousands of blogs about how the President has pushed us nearly 1 trillion dollars in debt this year.   That is about twice the pace of Obama.  Under Obama there was no jobs, no economic growth and no stock market.  There were unbearable tariffs that were being charged on our goods being sold overseas.   I look at this and wonder if we are doing the right thing, but there has only been 13 times since 1929 that America ran a balanced budget.  Is this an investment in our future or a cash out for the rich?   The points of view vary on this topic so I am quite curious to see the result.  The message from the left is that Trump is pushing us in debt.  Obama did the same, so did Bush, but Clinton had 4 of the 13 budget surpluses since 1929.  I suppose these were different times?  The left has done a great job of pointing out the growing debt but what is their message?  They had 8 years before Trump to change things.   Did they?

How about the Paris accord?   The left says we should have stayed the course with the world and paid into the 100 billion dollar plan.  They say global warming is killing us but forget about our history.   In the 1200’s it was a warm time on Earth, warmer than now and there was farming in Greenland where it is covered with ice now.  The global temperature is up 1.6 degrees – and the high was in 1996 – the temperature is actually reversing.  Man made carbon dioxide makes up 3% of the 100% of carbon dioxide produced on the Earth.   When the left is pushed they have no defense to the facts, just name calling.  In the mean time garbage is washing up on our beaches in the west, slums litter the world and we are obsessed in California to outlaw straws and sugary drinks for kids.  

What about defense?   President Trump is rebuilding our military.   Our supposed Russian lover sent a strong message to Russia by bombing Syria when they were using chemical bombs to kill people.   Interesting this response stopped the issues and Russia didn’t fight back.   Why?  It is because Russia may tout its military but the only thing they have is nukes like many other countries.   North Korea is in the headlines but of course Trump is not moving as fast as the left would have it.  No other President has gone to North Korea to meet with the leader.  When Kim Jong-Un slows down then Trump just pulls back.   The sanctions are alive, our hostages and remains from the Korean war have been returned and we have had no missile launches lately.   The left says no progress, yet Obama did nothing in his 8 years.  So what is the message from the left?  

Taxes;  The left blames Trump for the increasing federal deficit.  Trump has streamlined our tax system and most Americans will see more money and less taxes on the Federal side this year.  The problem is the liberal States like California are going nuts because the itemized deduction has a cap.  The Federal standard deduction is 22K for a married couple, which is more than I could deduct if I filed long form – so it is better for me, so I will get a nice break from the Feds, but I still have to itemize deductions for California and many that do will find that the 10K cap won’t let them write off all the stuff they used to – which means that my Federal gain will be completely wiped out by the high taxes in California.  So what does this do?  It shows how completely out of control California is and the high tax burden will most likely cause me to leave the state for greener pastures and lower taxes.   The right has shifted the financial responsibility to the left-leaning states.   What is the message from the left?  They are trying to make loop-holes for donations, which have already been closed by the Feds.   The left does not want people to know how bad they are being screwed in these liberal states and the only message they have is spend, poop patrols, open borders and free-stuff.

The news media is in full force pushing the blank left agenda, meaning that they are not talking about anything.  They can only push the Russian Investigation, Manafort, Daniels, Cohen, Comey and Trump Jr.   They stir up the dirt everyday on the news.  There is nothing new here, and the left just goes after the right bashing them constantly.  But what is their message?  What is their plan?  Open borders?  Free stuff?  Antifa rules? $15 dollar minimum wage?  DACA?  Gun Control?  Higher Taxes?  Elimination of the Electoral College?  Continued attacks on Religion?  Gay Rights?  There is no message going into to November at all.   In California Newsom is not saying anything.  Pelosi thinks she is a Goddess, Maxine Waters thinks she is a star, Elizabeth Warren thinks she has the answers and Oscasio-Cortez thinks socialism is the answer.

The right has a clear agenda.   Establish a country with the rule of law, maintain a strong military, push to stop rouge nuclear nations, don’t be bullied by countries after our dollar, push tariffs back on countries that don’t treat us fair on trade, enforce our borders, protect our second amendment rights, remove government regulations, create jobs, untie businesses hands and let them invest in America and have a strong military to name a few.  

I like other Americans don’t like Trump because of his poor behavior, lies and dishonesty.   I like what Trump has done for America in his first couple of years.  I don’t like the man, but I like his policies.  The news media can continue to say the “blue wave” is coming in November but I don’t think so.  Like most Americans I don’t like our lying Twitter bashing President, but we do like what he has done to make America Great Again.   It’s hard to distinguish the difference but most of us can see through the bull.

In the mean time I guess I will have to see what the message of the left will be.  Its 3 months from the mid-terms and I have not heard a peep.  My guess is they have no message.

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