California approves measure to pass on wildfire costs

The measure is part of a wide-ranging plan to reduce the threat of wildfires.

Source: California approves measure to pass on wildfire costs

Buckle up Californians.   Your wonderful liberal government passed a law earlier this year that power companies could raise their rates anytime they want without the approval of the public utilities commission or you the public.

Take a look at the source article and you will see your utility rates going up, and nothing will save you.  Even if you have solar, most likely your system is not covering your entire utility bill.  The average solar system covers about 85% of your utility usage by design – so that 15% of the bill you are paying will get higher – much higher.

Our Legislature does not care

California does not care about its citizens at all.   The legislature continues to get pay-offs from big business.  Remember when they passed a law mandating solar on all new homes (avg cost 20K) and financed over 30 years will be more like 40K – and by the time they are paid off they won’t work (Avg solar panel life is 20 years).  Who do you think have invested money in solar?  It’s your California legislature, Governor Brown and his cronies.  Don’t worry – Newsom is in on the game too.

Understandably there is a cost for the utility companies when their lines and utility poles are burnt up with forest fires.  The cost of putting electricity underground is too much.  We all get that this will kill their profits along with the lawsuits that come with fires.

The only solution is going to be a complete – off grid power system.  You pay for it, and then you have to grapple with the costs of battery replacement and alternate power sources when the sun isn’t shining.   It appears the power companies have you by the throat and can do anything they want.  Off grid batteries can cost over 10K and have to be replaced once a decade.  (The cost is about $1000 a year or more) depending on how much backup power you need when it is night or the sun is not shining due to inclement weather.

There is another solution of course, Ice boxes, candles, cold showers and cooking by fire.


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  1. Mike says:

    To make this clear, this utility rate increase that will be signed by Moonbeam is about covering lawsuits about the fires in Santa Rosa last year. These increases have nothing to do with the fires here in 2018 – so buckle up – more rate increases are to come.

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