Californians are Fed Up

As a long time California resident I am fed up. I am not sure if anyone else is as disgusted as I am with the legislature in this state. The problem is I am not sure how much longer I can take it. The involvement in Government in trying to control everything – and give everything to people who don’t want to contribute on the backs of hard-working folks is disgusting.

Here are some examples of the issues:

  1. Welfare assistance to illegal immigrants.

  2. Medical assistance to illegal immigrants (law in process.)

  3. State mandating what time classes in school should start (8:30 AM)

  4. Highest motor vehicle taxes in the nation.

  5. Highest fuel cost in the nation.

  6. Sanctuary cities.

  7. Gun Free Zones

  8. Pistols not allowed to be sold here without micro stamping on bullets which is a technology that has not been developed basically outlawing handguns to be sold here.

  9. License required to purchase ammunition (2019).

  10. Handgun magazines limited to 10 rounds.

  11. Conceal and Carry Permits outlawed in big cities unless you are a politician or judge.

  12. Taxes on water being voted in.

  13. Restriction on water on residents to 55 gallons per day per person (starting soon).

  14. Straws are illegal in many areas.

  15. Tax on plastic bags.

  16. Water illegal to be served in restaurants without asking for it.

  17. Legislation pending to not allow anything but white milk and water to be served to kids at restaurants.

  18. Bail eliminated putting thousands of bail bonds folks out of work, and allowing people to be released from jail with no penalty if they don’t show up for trial opening up the streets for criminals.

  19. Murders and Dangerous felons being pardoned by Brown putting more dangerous people on the street.

  20. Decriminalization of drug usage – kicking these people on to the streets to commit crimes.

  21. Highest homeless population in the country; due to out of control housing prices (bay area.)

  22. Highest count of illegal aliens in the country.

  23. Decriminalization of theft if the items stolen are less than $1000 cause a theft epidemic in local businesses.

  24. No representation to the citizens per the constitution. About 800,000 in population are represented by 1 person in the legislature.

  25. Road taxes misused and funds diverted. Another Tax Passed – which they are using to fix roads now; where did all the other money go? No accountability.

  26. Illegal Fire tax – took years for the money to finally come back to use in fire protection, however the money was stolen from property owners. We need work on our forest so most are not complaining however this is still theft from the property owners.

  27. Homeowner insurance being canceled our outrageous price increases due the fires. Some policies being canceled- others jumping 400%.

  28. Attacks on people that wear MAGA hats even from school children.

  29. Name calling, threats and boycotts called for daily – on anything Republican.

  30. Forced taxes for a bullet train to nowhere where the costs are out of control.

  31. San Francisco. One of the dirtiest city in the west with poop and needles on the street.

  32. Hospitals going bankrupt like Verity Health – 1 Billion in debt because of all the unpaid bills from illegals and homeless along with welfare families. (SF Bay Area – Los Angeles).

  33. California screams boycott to anyone that donates to a political party. Ask IN-N-OUT burger.

  34. Mandatory birth control items at colleges and universities mandated by the state.

  35. Illegal to convert or talk to the LGBT community about becoming heterosexual again. You can go to jail.

  36. Housing prices are the highest in the nation with shacks being sold in the San Francisco bay for millions of dollars that would be sold else in the nation for around 200K.

  37. Sales Tax one of the highest in the nation nearing 10%.

  38. Utility rates nearly the highest in the nation. Utility costs no longer controlled by the PUC. They are controlled by legislators.

  39. Mandatory regulations on vehicle fuel economy, and all-electric cars mandated by 2034.

  40. Mandatory installation of Solar on all new homes.

There is so much more to add to the list, but my blog would be way to long to read. Maybe all of this pending legislation is not bad, but it’s just too much. We do not need anymore laws. We certainly don’t need to burden tax payers with taking care of illegals and homeless people who don’t want to work.

The Problem

The problem is the California legislature which continues to push socialistic ideas, tax us without representation, put stupid laws on the books, tell us what our kids can eat, when school can open, how much water we get and then have their hands in our pockets stealing our money because they don’t have enough because of all of their welfare programs. The state retirement system is broken. The state is billions in debt.

Our Federal Republic; our Constitution was not put in place so government could be your nanny. It was designed with certain protections and rights for its citizens to make sure that government does not get too powerful and enforce it’s will on the citizens. It is not the government’s job to provide health insurance and medical care. It is not the government’s job to feed you. It is not the government’s job to house you. It is not the government’s job to infringe on any of your constitutional rights – free speech, right to assemble, 2nd amendment rights and so forth. It is the government’s job to provide a strong military, put laws in place to insure that our water, air and food sources are safe. It is the government’s job to secure our borders.

California’s legislature thinks that government should control everything. That is completely wrong. Due to the under-representation in this state it is completely under control by socialist-liberals who think the government should control everything. That’s simply not okay. People shouldn’t get free medical, housing and food. They need to work for it – even if that means providing community service jobs when they are unemployed. Nothing should be free. I like many agree our medical costs are out of control but this is completely the fault of the nanny state mandating medical coverage to all – even those who refuse to work. This is where I draw the line. You must be willing to work if you are able even if that means working in a soup kitchen or cleaning our parks.

What does this mean

The absolute power control and taxation by the government in California means that hard-working citizens such as myself are over-taxed and over-burdened with California’s socialistic ideas. Our freedom and money is being taken away daily. Most of us here are on the financial cliff with just one more tax, utility price raise, insurance cost raise, DMV fee raise, gas tax or increase in sales tax may force us to leave. California is telling us (the people who are working hard) that they are going to continue to take our money and give it to welfare projects, homeless and socialized medicine. They are eliminating bail giving no incentives for people cut loose to show up for court. They are regulating our drinking water to a point people won’t even be able to grow a garden in their yard for food. It goes on an on.

The bottom line is that Seniors like myself are going to have to leave for greener pastures in another state. We are here because there are beautiful areas to live in this state. These areas are being systematically destroyed by liberal policies. San Francisco is a great example; a once beautiful city now a home for homeless, illegals with poop and needles on the street. People are fleeing the metro areas on the San Francisco bay area and are coming to cheaper areas to live. Unfortunately most of those coming are undesirables.

California is going to learn a hard lesson. As businesses and the middle class folks can’t make ends meet here we will be selling our homes and packing our bags. The homes that are still priced decently (the ones not in the bay area) will be very attractive for those people fleeing the bay to purchase. This means we will do well in selling our homes (cashing out) and this money will buy a very nice home in a state that is more friendly to business and the middle class. There are places to live in the United States that have clean air, low taxes, and good people who support the Federal Republic and the Constitution who work hard and are not looking for handouts. They just want a nice home free from interference from crime, homeless, high taxes and oppression from government.

California may think it is on the edge of breaking technology but is also on the edge of breaking the backs of all the people who have worked hard here. Time will tell, but it is only going to take another rate hike or tax to push me off the cliff leaving me no choice but to pack my bags for greener pastures.

Unlike most Californians I have lived in different areas of the country; Arizona and most recently Idaho. If it wasn’t for the untimely deaths of family members in California we would not have returned. I consider us proof that living in different areas of the country are much better than California. The once “golden state” is golden no more. The mass exit in California is just beginning. What will this state look like once the hard-working middle class pack up and move away? Who will be footing the bills for California’s liberal policies?

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