No to NIKE

Boycott Nike

Boycott Nike

Nike just announced that Colin Kaepernick is going on as their spokesperson in advertising – using the advertising slogan “Believe in Something even if you sacrifice everything.”

First of all Colin is a rich spoiled brat raised in the bay area by white parents who adopted him.  They have money so he has never starved or suffered his entire life.  He plays the “poor black man” and protested at many NFL games – sitting out the National Anthem.  He comes from money and has plenty of his own.  He has never been poor so he cannot ever understand the difficulties a black person would experience when it comes to racial prejudice.  It’s just not possible.   Most people see through the bull.

Colin is neither respected by me and many others because of his choice to make a political statement while kneeling during the National Anthem.  He also wore pig socks during NFL training.  I am a Veteran which understands what kneeling during the national anthem means.  While most Americans have not served in the Armed Forces they do not understand the sacrifices made or the respect that you must have for America to do so.   To lay your life on the line to protect Freedom and the American way is the ultimate sacrifice, one which many Veterans have made.  Colin spits on us and for good reason we will never support this person.   He is anti-American.

Sports Figures have always advertised sports wear including shoes.  These were times where sports and politics never crossed the line and America was not insulted.  I remember when athletes were respected and looked up to.  There are still many athletes out there that are very respectable, support our country, give to organizations that need help, and support those in need.  Kaepernick does not do this and will never be one of those.

I boycott the NFL, and have done so since they do not have the integrity to understand that politics and sports do not mix, and that they turn their backs on their employees disrespecting our country.  It is a stand I must make even though there are good Americans playing football.   The leadership of the NFL must understand that God and Country comes first.   These are things that have allowed Americans to enjoy sports all of these years.   When you don’t put your country first you don’t deserve our support, our money and our viewership.   We have important things to teach our children one of which is standing and saluting our flag when the anthem is played.  It is also important to teach our kids what America is about and how many lives have been lost protecting their freedom and our way of life.

Nike has done something that is anti-American.  They expect Americans to wear their shoes when their model spokesperson is one that completely disrespected our country and kneels at our National Anthem.   Kaepernick deserves what he gets, the NFL not rehiring him even though John Elway offered him a job.   Of course there is a lawsuit by Kaepernick which says he has been “black bawled” by the NFL which isn’t even true.  On the other hand if I had a football team I would never hire anyone to play sports that makes political statements.  Sports and Politics don’t mix.

Since Nike thinks that it is okay to insult America then their name is no longer is synonymous with America or Apple Pie.

I said at the beginning of my blog I don’t buy Nike shoes because they are too expensive and I turn to other brands so I have conceptually not supported this company.   However now that I know that the management of Nike does not believe in America and would let  Kaepernick represent their brand of shoes in advertising print, I would never even think about buying their brand.  There is so many other choices like Reebok.

Until Colin Kaepernick realizes that dishonoring our country does not help matters with the problems black Americans face he will never be respected.  If he wants respect then he needs to use his millions and work outside of football and sports to help them.  It is not as glorifying helping folks without your picture pasted all of the news but if this is his real stance than that is what he should be doing.

So, my stance is No to Nike –   Support companies that support our Veterans, respect our heritage and love America.

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  1. Mike says:

    Colin should be doing ads for knee pads instead. That’s what he is good at.

  2. Mike says:

    Any person that protests our national anthem are not welcome here. Too many have lost their lives protecting these folks. The NFL has not been on my agenda for several years and will never be again. Good luck to all of these folks that spit on America is what a good Christian would say. What goes around comes around. I wonder what a bunch of unemployed NFL players can do? America takes care of its own. Those that wish to spit on our country will pay the price and it will be costly. Wait and see. A good first step would be taking care of all of the homes for the Veterans, including all painting, maintenance and repairs, as well as yard work and auto repair. These folks need to get on their knees and pray for the Veterans that have given them these rights that they clearly abuse. I think being servants for our Veterans is a good start.

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