The Confusion and Delusion of the Mid-Terms

The confusion and delusion of the mid-term elections are coming in November.   The confusion is that the message from the Democratic party is not one that makes sense.   The Democrats and Leading Liberal publications continue to pound on President Trump and now Bret Kavanaugh the contender for the Supreme Court.

The Democrats are grandstanding and trying to pull every trick in the book to swing the mid-term elections their way.   It is entirely possible for them to do so because our President has more scandals than a day time soap opera.   The scandals are supposed to push the votes to get rid of the evil empire that is supposed to live in Washington DC.   There is just one problem with that idealism.  The mid-terms are not about President Trump as the media would have you believe.   It is about the Democrats capturing power in the Senate so they can stop the Republicans from legislating any more change to the socialistic platform that was installed beginning 2008.

If Bret Kavanaugh gets into the Supreme Court the Democrats are stopped in their tracks from legislating any more socialistic programs and  idealism in direct conflict with the Constitution. Even if they regain control of the House and Senate their programs will never pass the muster of the Supreme Court.  This is why the day time soap opera has been going on now for several days in Washington DC.  If Bret is confirmed all is lost for the Democrats until Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires which won’t be long.   If they have the House and Senate in their power at the time they might have a chance to get some control back.

Roe vs. Wade

Women are afraid that the Supreme Court will take away their rights to kill unborn babies.   I am sure there is medical reasons that could be valid for aborting a baby.   I do not agree with murder however.  Unwanted children can certainly be adopted to families that can’t have them.   Unlike the times when Roe vs. Wade were established there was not good birth control.  Yes, there were options however they were not perfected at the time.   There is now birth control for both men and women so if they were having responsible sex then this landmark ruling would not be an issue.   Roe vs. Wade will not be another case that will be taken up by the Supreme Court, however there are many pending cases before the court that might cause this to unravel.   This is what the Democrats are worried about.

Open Borders

The Supreme Court with Bret aboard will legislate the Constitution.  The issue of open borders will be resolved because following the Constitution will close them to only legal immigrants.   The Democratic Party does not want this because they believe that their voting body is coming from illegals.   In California especially there are lots of opportunities to illegally register to vote;  just lie on the Drivers License application that illegal immigrants can fill out because California in their ultimate wisdom and power grab have decided to license illegal immigrants to drive; and put voter registration on the application.   There is no way they are policing these applications no matter what they say.

With closed borders America will slow down the train of illegal immigration.   This will start to reduce the strain on our resources for welfare.  As criminals become deported our crime rates will lower.   I am not saying every illegal immigrant is a bad person and intends to come here to commit crimes, however they are a criminal under the eyes of the law and our Constitution for crossing the border illegally.   They need to apply for citizenship as did our ancestors.


Many of the younger generation do not remember the times of Socialism.   If you are reading the news you will be seeing that Socialist candidates are winning the primaries against the Democrats most recently in New York and Massachusetts.  This is nothing new because Socialist candidates were winning elections in the 1960’s as well.   What is different about today versus the 1960’s is that the young generation does not understand the danger of allowing Socialism to take over our Federal Republic.  They don’t remember World War II, they don’t get taught much history and many liberal instructors are not teaching factual history to our kids.   This simply means that younger folks think Socialism isn’t that bad because it provides free food, housing and medical to all. They never thought about where the money would come from.  They have no idea how many lives will be lost when Socialism takes hold.  Hitler provided a great relief to the depressed economy in Germany in 1933 when he was elected. We all know what happened after that.   You can’t have socialism without taking other people’s money and property away.  When that runs out you go to war to grab more wealth.

Mid-Terms Confusion and Delusion

The mid-terms are being touted all over the liberal news about getting rid of President Trump.   The mid-terms will do nothing of the sort as the President has over two more years in office.  It won’t grab enough votes to get an impeachment and it won’t give them enough votes to invoke the 25th amendment.   They hope that if they infuriate their voters that they will be angry enough to vote in Democrats to take out Trump.   The fact is that even if they win majority of the Senate and House that Trump will still be there because they won’t have the 2/3rd majority to take him out.

All this causes is a lame duck presidency where no laws will be passed, because the President can veto every one of them.  As for getting Bret Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court; Bret will overturn every liberal court case that does not follow the constitution.   This is the greatest concern to the Democrats and this is why the hearings have been like a day time soap opera.

The delusion that the Democratic Party is that if they are re-elected in the mid-terms everything will be okay.   That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The truth is that they will stop the conservatives from legislating change.  Trump will still be there.


If the Socialist-Democrats regain legislative power in November a few things will happen.

  1.  Stock Market Crash
  2.  Housing Market Crash
  3. Dramatic Increase in Interest Rates
  4. A huge case load for the Supreme Court
  5. Attempts at every corner to bypass the Conservative legislation passed over the last two years.
  6. Attempts to open the borders for illegals.
  7. Attempts to eliminate ice.
  8. Attempts to undo tax reform  — and more

As I said, nothing will be legislated over the next two years because they won’t have a two-thirds majority to override the veto of the president.   What will happen if they regain control is the Socialist Democratic regime returning to the White House in 2020.  At that point the only savior we will have is the Supreme Court, and we all know how long it takes the court to hear a case and overturn it.

Enjoy the next couple of years.   If the Democrats regain control of the house and senate it won’t be long before things downturn again.   Prepare for this – savings, projects, food supply, ammunition, guns etc.   The real direction that the country will be headed for is the next Revolution.    Will I be around to fight it?  I doubt it but change is in the winds.

Weak minds, delusion and confusion will lead the Democrats back to power.  Weak and greedy freeloaders will think that taking other people’s money is the way to go.  What will they do when the money goes dry?


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