The Sneaky Crap the California Legislature is Doing.

Jerry Brown and the Liberal California legislature (most are) have been up to their sneaky crap again.  As usual these articles are hidden by the liberal news media – so what do you think about this one—-

Here we go…. California Lawmakers sent Jerry Brown a bill to sign last week, a bill that would allow legislators to live outside the districts they were elected to represent.   Think about this for a moment….   Whats next?  Mayors ?

So you elect a lawmaker to represent you in Sacramento but yet he or she lives in Redding.   Do you really think they are in touch with their constituents?   Maxine Watters already lives in a 4 million dollar mansion protected by security and does not live in the area she is represents… and you see what type of person she is.

When are California voters going to wake up?  When California is completely Socialist?   Does California think its okay to elect the president of the United States who then governs from Spain or France?   Is this where we are heading?  Of course this is ridiculous however isn’t this what the California State legislature is saying?

If representatives cannot live in the districts they represent they cannot represent the people who live there.   It is really that simple.

What do you think?  Do you think legislators can live anywhere they want and represent a geographic district they don’t live in?

California – a state where leadership is at its highest level of corruption.

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