The Kavanaugh Fake Scandal

Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court of the United States

The news is dedicating a large amount of time on a hear-say event that was strategically timed to interfere and delay the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh.  To say the truth, Christine Ford is a liar.   She has spent time to make up an event that happened in High School with absolutely no shred of facts, no witnesses and no police report.

This hypothetical assault was known about by Diane Feinstein two months before the information was released.  Diane had Judge Kavanaugh in her office and asked countless questions without even bringing up the subject.

The FBI has refused to investigate because there is nothing to investigate.   Christine Ford is trying to lay a trail of demands before she will go to Washington and perjure herself.   The game is that she will not go and testify in Washington because she will be committing a crime.  She has done what she wanted though – delayed the confirmation hearing.

The fake scandal has brought on some unwanted effects.  Ford and Kavanaugh and their families have received death threats.  For what?  Lies and fake scandals?

The reason this all came about was for the Democrats to delay the confirmation hearing and hopefully swing enough votes to kill the nomination.   In their hope to retake the House and Senate this fall they are hoping to delay things long enough so they can put a liberal Judge in power.  Once that happens there will be no hope left for America.

Bret Kavanaugh is America’s only hope.  Donald Trump is certainly not going to be re-elected and historically the House and Senate always default to the opposing party in the mid-term election process.  Only twice in history has the mid-term elections kept the current party in power.   The only way to reverse this is for Republicans to get out and vote in numbers that have never been seen before.

Do your civic duty.   Nobody likes Trump – but everyone likes the stock market gains, gains in employment and gains in making America Great.  Hopefully in 2020 we will vote for a man or woman with honesty and integrity that will continue some of the good things that Trump has done.   Trump has done the dirty work, now lets bring some honesty back to Washington.

As for Bret Kavanaugh, if he is not confirmed he should sue Christine Ford for defamation of character and ruin her career.  After all, she has done a good job of ruining his.

Friday, September 28th

After hearing the Testimony from Christine Ford I am not convinced.  She has the “poor me” attitude 36 years after the fact.  Any woman that had been sexually abused would have called the police and had someone arrested.   She did not do this.  She doesn’t remember how she got to and from the supposed party where the assault occurred, however she remembers with 100% positivism that it was Bret.   She said she is afraid of flying but flies once a year on a plane?    Bret’s family and reputation has been destroyed because of this.  The FBI does not want to investigate – all the people that were spoken with under oath – except Ms. Ford have corroborated with Kavanaugh.

Senator Flake now is playing a game that will most likely cause Bret not to be confirmed.  So sad.

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