Gov. Brown just signed a stack of new gun control laws. Here’s what they do – Los Angeles Times

Gov. Jerry Brown signed several gun control bills Friday, including one that increases the minimum age for buying rifles and shotguns, and another that imposes lifetime firearm bans on people convicted of serious domestic violence charges.

Source: Gov. Brown just signed a stack of new gun control laws. Here’s what they do – Los Angeles Times

Brown continues his attack on Second Amendment Rights.   While some of the laws he signed today make sense the requirement for live fire training for 8 hours is government over-reach.   Being a Veteran I don’t need to demonstrate my skills on a live-fire range to please the government in California.    This increases my cost to obtain my CWC permit – and is over-reaching by the government.  Taking away gun-rights for violent felons make sense however keep in mind – felons don’t follow any gun laws.  Most carry a firearm that is illegal – one of the reasons I legally carry.  I also agree that mental patients should not have the right to carry.  I don’t believe raising the age from 18 to 21 to buy long guns is going to make a difference and is government over-reach.  At 18 you can sign up, join the military and be deployed to a foreign land to defend this country.   It makes no sense that these respectful individuals should have to have their 2nd Amendment rights infringed upon due to the paranoid Socialism in the Government in California.  These are the beginning steps of disarming the population.  The steps already in place are that guns can’t be sold in California (new guns) unless they micro-stamp the bullet which is a technology not even invented it.  Beginning 2019 you will have to purchase an ammunition permit and must have a real ID in order to do so.  This is another over the top regulation – If government removes the right to purchase ammunition they have basically outlawed guns.   I recommend that you stock up on ammunition before Jan 1.


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