California has been put in Check

Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court of the United States

California has been put in check today with Judge Kavanaugh being confirmed in the Senate by a 50 to 48 vote.  It has been a long time since conservatives controlled the Supreme Court.

What this means is that the United States gained hope today as the Supreme Court of the land returns to its roots of Constitutionality.   States like California will no longer be able to pass laws that are unchecked.   This also guarantees the State of Jefferson a chance to move forward in splitting up the Oligarchy of California into a 51st state removing the conservative part of the state into a climate that is no longer controlled by the liberals.

As my opinion today may be a stretch it contains hope that the Supreme Court of the Land will begin to correct the downhill slide into socialism by stopping legislation that pushes the country in that direction.   Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are both conservative judges that will interpret the Constitution of the United States as it is written.   Out of these 9 justices, 5 are conservative and 4 are liberal.   This puts in-place a blockade against liberal rulings.   Ginsberg who is 84 years old may be retiring soon (at least rumors indicate so) which would allow the Republicans to appoint yet again another Conservative to the bench.  Irregardless of the outcome it appears that the Conservatives have regained power over the courts for the next decade or so.

The Court members are:

  • Roberts – appointed by Bush – Conservative
  • Thomas – appointed by Bush – Conservative
  • Ginsberg – appointed by Clinton – Liberal
  • Breyer – appointed by Clinton – Liberal
  • Alito – appointed by Bush – Conservative
  • Sotomayor – appointed by Obama – Liberal
  • Kegan – appointed by Obama – Liberal
  • Gorsuch – appointed by Trump – Conservative
  • Kavanaugh – appointed by Trump – Conservative

America has regained hope today regardless of the politicians voted into power over the next decade or so.  Kavanaugh, a decent man who was raked over the coals by false allegations from Professor Ford has paid a huge price for our Republic today.  His reputation which was in question has been restored.  America has gained the opportunity today for a restored interpretation of the Constitution.

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