The Truth About Electric Cars That Nobody Wants To Tell You

Crunch the numbers, and it looks like all those subsidies might be counterproductive.

Source: Are electric cars worse for the environment?

I have attached a great article for you to read about electric cars.  Lots of research has been done about the costs and the reduction of environmental pollutants.   This article points out that there is actually no benefit from electric cars, it actually increases the amount of pollution and reduces air quality, and explains where all of the money is coming from.

People like you and me, normal folks cannot afford electric vehicles.  Tesla’s fasad about a 35K electric car is a myth.  The cost is more around 50K if you want the basic features.  Of course the price goes down with the $7,500 federal tax credit and whatever state credit you might get.  So the supposed affordable car is not affordable.

What people don’t know is that the vehicle manufactures assume what your cost per mile to run these vehicles are usually calculated on the lifeline rate (lowest cost) utilities charge for electricity.   The problem is that when you plug these cars in your utility usage goes above the lifeline charges and increases dramatically.  Money saved?  Doubt it.

I think people don’t realize that most  electricity is generated from natural gas and coal.  Yes, we have hydro-electric and nuclear as well which is essentially clean.   In order to meet the additional energy demand more fossil fuels must be burnt to compensate.  Of course the utility companies are not going to tell you your costs are going up – and electric car salespeople aren’t going to tell you that your electricity usage will cost you a lot more than you think based on the tiered costs of usage.

Who believes that these electric cars that other people drive aren’t costing you money?  Most folks, but that isn’t true.   Utility rates, additional charging stations and other infrastructure are paid by you, the rate payer so you are in fact subsidizing these cars. California is mandating 250.000 charging stations be added.  Who is paying for that?  You!  Most states charge a fuel tax to fix the roads.  Electric cars don’t use fuel so they are not paying to fix the roads.  Some states have added an additional registration fee to electric cars to offset this but it isn’t enough.  The truth is that poor people, seniors on social security and those on welfare are paying to support this along with everyone else.

What the article does not address is the highly toxic chemicals that are involved in the manufacturing of the batteries for electric cars.   There is some nasty ingredients that go into these batteries.  Besides the byproducts of manufacturing how are all of these old, rather large batteries going to be disposed of?  Who will be paying the cost for that?  How much energy will be used to recycle them?  The costs have not been calculated, nor who is going to pay for them.  If you are smart you should already know that when you are forced to buy an electric car in California you will be forced to pay up front – a recycle fee for the battery.  That way the government gets your money NOW.

The wealthy folks that can afford electric cars will stick more solar panels on their roof to offset the costs on their electric bill and energize their cars.  They will also use the free charging stations that were built by the electric companies subsidized by their rate payers (you).  It appears that the people with money will come out on top.  Normal hard-working folks will be paying the bills.  FYI – nobody that makes below 100K a year buys an electric car (statistics).  The average wage for a family in the United States is 58K a year.  Why don’t we buy these cars?  Because they cost too much!

States like California have legislation in place banning the internal combustion engine by 2040.  Right now these engines burn very clean and only put out about 1% of the emissions a car built-in the 1960’s did.  Leaving the new fuel burning cars on the road would actually reduce emissions vs electric.  The actual pollution from the added strain to the electric grid will actually increase pollution, but the liberal democrats already have their hands in investments in solar power, natural gas, battery manufacturing plants and so forth, which means they are getting rich off of making these laws.  It has nothing to do with the environment when you start doing the math.  The rich always win, the general population always pays.

In 2040 I will be 83 if I am still alive.  I am not sure I will care much about what is going on in politics by then.  I will be trying to figure out how to stretch my social security check into paying for all of those high taxes, high electric bills, high energy costs, high food prices and high medical prices.  I doubt the check will cover it.   I will be looking at the once clear skies that are going away to provide “clean energy and clean electric cars.”   I wonder if the ground water will be polluted by the chemicals that make up these electric car batteries by then?   Who knows, perhaps some genius will find another way to generate electricity that is green with no side-effects.  Perhaps hydrogen is the answer.   Until then don’t be fooled by the government schemes about how electric cars are our future.  The technology is not available to make this all work – and that should be clear by the billions in government subsidies that are going to electric companies and electric car manufacturers to make this plan work.  You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool educated folks that actually look into and research things for themselves.   The educated always know what is going on and will react accordingly.   I already use solar which produces 80+% of the energy I use, and I have a well for water and have my own septic tank.  Those are three things that people don’t think about much – but will eat up a chunk of your retirement checks.  Think about it.  If you haven’t already – start saving up to expand your solar grid to power that wonderful electric car you will be forced to buy.  If you don’t your electric charges will most assuredly drive you into bankruptcy.

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