Christmas Isn’t Christmas Anymore

Christmas Isn’t Christmas Anymore

Has anyone out there besides me not been excited about Christmas?  I was wondering if this was true because for the last decade Christmas has not been the holiday it used to be.  I don’t buy a tree, I don’t decorate and I don’t Christmas shop. Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore.

Some of you would think I am Ebeneezer Scrooge but I am not him either. I have worked my entire life since leaving the military in the retail sector providing customer service of some sort as a Manager or District Manager of multiple locations.  I have run multiple Auto Parts Stores and was the Store Manager of a Lowes Home Improvement Center.

What I found over the years is that Christmas is gone.  There is no happy exciting time.  In retail you are under extreme pressure to make sales and perform.  Your time is spent working and putting up displays.  There is extreme pressure on making money and lots of personnel problems because people don’t want to work the holidays.  The amount of call in’s to work due to illness is through the roof but no one is sick, except of maybe working.

Atheists celebrate Christmas too.  They are out there in droves buying Christmas presents,  They don’t even know why we have a Christmas holiday, they just think that is about gift-giving.  There are a few Christians that have found Jesus and understand the true meaning of Christmas but for the most part the holiday has been lost forever.

Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore.  It is about making money.  Each year Christmas starts a little earlier.  It used to start after Thanksgiving – when people started looking for gifts but now stores are decorated right after Halloween.  The on-line shopping game begins earlier with huge “Black Friday” savings that are not savings at all.  These are items that you can find for less money throughout the year or are sub-par products that won’t last.

So Christmas has become a tradition for people to go out and rev up their charge cards.  I was reading the news the other day and it had a statistic that seemed rather high to me that the majority of people had not even paid off their credit card debt from last Christmas.  I remember going into debt for Christmas when my Children were little and struggling to pay the bills.  I even went through a bankruptcy once because I could not manage the temptation not to buy things.  I learned a good lesson.   If I cannot pay for it I go without.  

This year is no different that the last decade.  There are no stockings, Christmas Trees, Lights or presents.  There will not be any either.

Our family this year just like years in the past decided that giving presents that will most likely never be used or would be re-gifted was stupid.  Instead we find a day to get together and have a nice dinner, laugh, talk about stupid things, tell jokes and enjoy each other’s company.  You have to wonder how many families just get together to enjoy each other’s company?  

So I guess I am one of the few that aren’t supporting Christmas again this year.  The catalogs keep coming in the mail.  The ad targeted stuff that gets past my ad-blocker is still out there trying to get me to buy but I am not budging.

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that has lost luster since I was a child.  New Years was a night to make resolutions and have fun with family.  Instead it has turned into a drunk and drug infested night on the town where you are no sure you will be targeted by maniacs with mental diseases.  It is not safe to be out in the streets with all of the drug and alcohol impaired drivers.  It isn’t safe to be in clubs because they are a target for violence because 2nd amendment rights are suspended in bars.

That brings me to Easter – which is one of the few holidays where people seem to get together and have a nice meal with family.   It is a tough one to market to except for all of those candy Easter eggs.  That holiday is slowing sinking as well.

Memorial Day is no longer to remember our great losses in the military defending our Constitutional Rights, it is just a week where people go camping and partying.  That is the Same for Independence Day and Labor Day.  Those holidays are all about having fun with the true meanings buried forever.

Maybe I am wrong about Christmas.  Maybe I should decorate the house for just my wife and I.  I admit it is very difficult to get in the mood when everything is about buying gifts, traffic is a nightmare, and people that are shopping are down right rude and mean.

I am not sure but I think Christmas is lost forever and as society continues to turn away from religion and more on self-centered idealism.

Perhaps someday Christmas will return.  Maybe it will come back when stores stop opening 7 days a week, Sunday becomes the day of rest and people put down their cellphones and start recognizing that there is more to life than shopping.

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