California Plans To Add Another Tax; This time on Gun Purchases



California plans to add another tax.  Yes, California is always seeking ways to take money out of other people’s pockets.  Already the highest tax state in the Nation, it just isn’t enough.

The attack on Second Amendment Rights continues.   Beginning July 2019 you will need to purchase a permit for $50 to buy ammunition and pay $1 for a background check when you buy ammo.   If the ammo doesn’t line up with the firearm you are buying for you will be denied the purchase.  This is California’s way to force every person to register their gun.  If everything lines up, you can buy as much ammo as you want.  This coupled with another law that forces me to go to a live-fire range when I renew my CWC to prove that I can shoot my gun, and each gun on the permit will have to be fired.  This along with a lengthy renewal process every two years and hundreds of dollars just to exercise my constitutional rights.  Yes, welcome to the Socialist Republic of California.

Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-Greenbrae thinks that pushing another tax on a gun purchase – even if it is from out-of-state will raise millions for the state.  The money is supposed to go to gun violence programs.  What a joke.   I wonder, do criminals go to gun violence training programs?  Do criminals buy their guns through a legitimate Gun Shop?   Do criminals get their ammo from the local gun shop or make their own?

What is going to stop people from going over state lines to purchase ammunition?  Nothing!  There is no bullet sniffing dogs at all the entry points coming into California.   Are they going to build a wall?   Well I doubt it since they are dead set against building one that stems traffic from illegals and criminals coming from Central America.

California’s philosophy is to tax honest hard-working folks so they can’t buy a gun for protection.  Force them to register every gun they have or they can’t buy ammunition.   Make it extremely expensive to get a conceal and carry permit and require lots of paperwork and expensive classes to stem the flow of those that don’t have enough money.  To me this all sounds like blatant violations of the United States Constitution’s 2nd Amendment.  Nowhere does the Constitution say you can’t carry a gun.  It does not have to be concealed.  Open carry was not banned by the Constitution.   No where does the Constitution say government can interfere with you purchasing ammunition to defend yourself or hunt with.   The government already knows that it costs millions of dollars to sue them so average folks can’t do it.   So what do average people do?   Well they become criminals because that is what they have to do.   They will buy guns from the underground, take up Post Office Box numbers in other states and get identifications to purchase what they need, cross state lines to buy ammunition and carry a gun without a permit.

If people are not smart enough to see what their government is doing than shame on them.   As for California it appears that my days living here are numbered.   Taxes are too high, government is interfering in every aspect of our lives.  You can’t even go to the bathroom in a public restroom anymore because you have no idea what you will find in there.  Women are more concerned with this than men because they can be easily overpowered.

California has a gender neutral drivers license now too.   Just think, for people who can’t see what sexual body parts they were born with; They can just be called an “it.”   This is a subject for another blog I suppose.

Well, welcome to the State of California – where lunatics were elected into positions of authority to tear down every bit of freedom we have left and siphon every dollar you earn into their tax pool.   I think this is called Socialism.

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