The Trump Distractions

Well it seems the Liberals (Democrats) are completely lost.   They spend so much time counting Trump’s lies and freaking out about the government shutdown and the border wall they have not figured out these are all distractions.

Trump is a master at distractions.   He says something – the press lights up and stories are being told with all sorts of spins on them – Politico is adding another lie – Liberals are calling him names – Pelosi and Schumer start screaming and the slug fest is on.

Here is something to think about.  As of January 23, 2019, the United States Senate has confirmed 85 Article III judges nominated by President Trump, including 2 Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 30 judges for the United States Courts of Appeals, 53 judges for the United States District Courts.   It appears that Trump has been quite busy doesn’t it?  As the Liberals run around chasing their tails Trump is stacking the courts in favor of the Conservatives.

Now that is something to think about – something not on CNN, The New York Times or in the Washington Post, not on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC or on Fox.

Well the Socialist group in America (36% and Growing) – The ones that think free stuff is the way to go isn’t going to get to far after Trump is tossed in 2020.  Why?   Because many court appointments are life appointments.   The Supreme Court is already stacked in favor for the Conservatives and when Ginsburg bites the dust (soon) it will be 6 to 9.

What happens when you put a bunch of constitutional judges in charge?  Well every socialist trick the liberals try to pull will be unconstitutional and tossed.

What does this mean?   Its simple – even in the Liberals are in charge nothing is going to make it by the courts.   They may pass a bill in the House and Senate – and the president may sign it – but as soon as a constitutional challenge is issued it will be put on hold – and then the Supreme Court will toss it.

Something to think about.    As we progress into the mid 21st century we will find that our Federal Republic will no longer be run by the people but by appointed Judges – 9 of them and not much else will happen.

Of course, I am twisted and think about things different than others but I don’t bleed blue Democratic Blood and I don’t bleed Red Republican Blood.   I am a conservative, but that does not me I align much with the Republicans on a lot of issues.  The wonderful tax cut cost me 2.8% more this year in taxes – so it wasn’t a cut.  The cuts for business to 21% didn’t help me a bit – and prices didn’t go down –   The rich just got richer –   Yes, they hired more people who is good and that means more taxpayers but still – it doesn’t help me.

Living in California is like living in a Liberal Hell.   With Liberal majorities everywhere taxes are on the rise and regulation after regulation is being stuffed down my throat.   Prop 13 is going to die, Universal Socialist Healthcare will be shoved down my throat – PGE is going to raise their rates by 5X – sales taxes are on the rise and Fuel is already the most expensive in the Nation.  Illegals roam the streets, police are being killed and gun rights are being smashed, all why the Federal government sits by and watches.

Will I make it 5 1/2 years until full retirement here?   Well maybe – because then things could be good in California.  Here is my twisted thoughts —  I won’t work anymore so I won’t pay any income taxes –  I won’t make any money so I will get free healthcare.  I will still be stuck with Property, Fuel and Sales Taxes –  Not sure if I can pay those.  I have solar that covers 80% of my power usage – so maybe I will buy a few more panels.  I am on a well so it will take sometime for California figures out how to tax me on that –

Well, there is always Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Wyoming.   There isn’t enough population there yet and liberals hate the cold – so maybe I will just go there….. Who knows…..    In the mean time – sit back, watch and laugh as Trump keeps the left distracted and stacks the deck.

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