Democrats (The Left) Are Completely Out of Touch

The New Green Deal

The New Green Deal

Democrats (The Left) are completely out of touch.   This large political sector of the United States has a complete lack of understanding of what the Constitution means, what logic is and what is going on in the world.    This is a sad situation for our country so let me explain.

Border Security

The left would have us think that everyone is warm and fuzzy and our borders should be open.  Governors from both California and New Mexico have pulled back the National Guard from the borders and Pelosi and Schumer plus the liberal controlled house have voted not to secure our borders.   What don’t they understand?

There is the rule of law – meaning people are not welcome into our country unless they apply to come here through legal terms.  It is a criminal act (against the law) the cross our borders.   This isn’t a “oh I feel so sorry for the poor immigrant” it is a direct violation of the law.   Immigration to our country has occurred for centuries through legal means.   These people are welcome and have done a great service to our country.   People who enter through illegal means have no money, are looking for welfare have committed a crime by crossing the border, are smuggling drugs, weapons, murderers, child trafficking and more into our country.   They are not coming here to escape religious prosecution; if they were they could apply for asylum.

The President is correct in declaring an emergency at our border.   Deploying razor wire across areas that are open is the right thing to do.   The President is upholding the Constitution and his presidential duties.

Just think how many gang members from MS13 have infiltrated our country along with ISIS fighters and terrorists which are just waiting to strike.  People would say that I am using “fear mongering” to make my point.   This isn’t about scaring people, it is about waking them up!   What will people say when there is a dirty bomb exploded in one of our cities, massive bombings of buildings and mass execution of our countries leaders?  Isn’t that a bit too late to react?   Have they not looked beyond their marijuana, cocaine, meth and other mind influencing drugs to see what is happening in Syria, Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Ukraine?  Have they not seen the murders in London, Paris or Madrid?   Are they so naive that they think it won’t happen here?

There will be a challenge to his executive order which could derail his attempt to make our country secure but I doubt there are any legal grounds to prevent this President from protecting our citizens.

The New Green Deal

Here is a pile of garbage that was introduced by a known Socialist AOC.   You can read about just a few of the effects the New Green Deal will cause by clicking here.

This is a half baked plan that even have children in uproar thinking that these things unveiled in the deal will make our world green and safe.   Democrats have no idea what this plan is, how it will impact our country economically including jobs, travel, food sources and more.

Socialists think that by taking from the wealthy and giving to these plans will make them work.  This is where the stupidity just begins.  Take away cars and airplanes and you have taken away our ability to compete on a world-wide market place.  How will food get to market?   Should we just beam our food over to our local Whole Foods or Costco?  How will it get there?  Business deals are made all over the world.   Should our corporate executives row a boat to Europe or China to make a deal?  How will we have energy?   Will we peddle our bikes in the living room to generate enough power to make a Internet connection?

Can you believe people like Kamala Harris support this thinking?  She is running for President.    At least she started in politics the same way many have –  just ask the ex-mayor of San Francisco.   As for bright minds –  she thinks it is just fine to smoke pot.   Can you imagine another President (Like Obama) in the White House in charge of our National Security will toking on a Joint?

It is time to think

It is time to think.   Do we want people running our country that smoke dope, don’t care about our border security; that think a New Green Deal will save our country?   Do we want capitalism or socialism?   Bernie Sanders thinks food lines are a wonderful thing along with nationalized health care.  As those folks in Canada how well that works.

Our Representative Democracy, our Federal Republic is the way our founders made this country.   It has worked for centuries.   Socialism fails every time it is employed.  Look and Venezuela.

What our voters in 2020 due could drastically change the direction in America.

How will you vote?   Will you vote for socialism and the new green deal, or will you vote for capitalism and federalism?



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