Steven Clark – The March of the Uneducated

Steven Clark – The March of the uneducated.

The Sacramento DA and the State AG finds the police shooting in the Steven Clark case justified, and then the uneducated march, protest and complain.  Vehicles were damaged and over 80 people were arrested.  Students participate in the unfair, unjust system and the news devotes at least 5 minutes per 30 minute broadcast to this case.   Why?

People are Uneducated.

If people would take the time to actually read the findings from the District Attorney they might learn something.   Steven Clark was a thug.  He was on probation for numerous crimes including assault.   Lets look at the facts.

  1. He smashed his girlfriends head into a wall.   Nice Guy.
  2. He was high on all sorts of drugs and alcohol when he was shot.
  3. He was told several times to show his hands and he didn’t.   He instead approached officers with something in his hand.
  4. He threatened suicide via text messages to his girlfriend.

There is more, so perhaps you should read the report by clicking here – instead of running around and protesting about a person that was obviously a disturbed violent drug addict.

This was a person who was breaking windows and had committed past crimes that included violence.

The police were justified in shooting this person.  The simple command “show your hands” was easy to understand and follow.   Charging officers with “something” in his hand – later to be found a cell phone does not matter.  Charging officers was an aggressive move which should have been met with deadly force.

I don’t feel sorry for Steven Clark.  I do feel sorry for his mother who has to deal with the hurt and torture of losing her son, but she knows that he did this to himself.  I do feel sorry for the people who were affected by his assaults.  I do feel sorry for the people who had their cars and homes damaged.

People need to become educated in this country and stop protesting events that they haven’t a clue about.   They are like little drones that follow the main-stream media but don’t take 20 minutes or so to read a factual report about why Steven Clark was shot.

I applaud the Sacramento Police, the District Attorney and Attorney General for looking and the facts and not charging the officers that were doing what they were paid to do – “Protect and Serve.”

This should be a lesson for Steven Clark wannabees.  They should clearly understand that failure to comply with instructions from law enforcement may lead to their death.  They should understand that violence is never acceptable.  They need to understand being high on drugs and alcohol is a toxic mix.   They need to understand that breaking car and home windows will result in the Police being called.

I feel nothing for this man – nor do I condone the violent protests.  I don’t understand why teachers don’t teach and educate their students with facts – facts a person with a sixth grade education could read and easily understand.

Many law enforcement people are loosing their lives to these thugs – Decent men and women with families that put their lives on the line each day for these piles of dung.

Perhaps the people like Steven Clark need to learn a lesson from this.

Start acting like human beings.  Start being decent citizens.  Stop using drugs and booze.  Get a job.  Follow the orders from law enforcement.  You might live longer.

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  1. Mike says:

    So in Sacramento California you can protest – fail to disperse, key cars – get arrested and no charges are filed. What a piece of work California government is…

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