Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez keep lying about socialism. Here’s the truth

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., have amassed a huge following among millennials by propagating the myth that the only way to solve society’s problems is to seize wealth and property away from law-abiding citizens so that the federal government has significantly more power over all of our lives.

Source: Justin Haskins: Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez keep lying about socialism. Here’s the truth

This is a good article written by Justin Haskins about Socialism and the Liberal drive to obtain it in America.

People, mostly millennials who have entered main-stream politics believe that the wealth that others have worked so hard to get should be redistributed so the poor, or people who don’t want to work can be taken care of.

OAC and Sanders purport that Socialism is a good thing.  They advertise socialized medicine where everyone gets health-care.  They advertise that everyone should get a pay-check, working or not.   They believe that nobody should own their own property, home or business and that the government should own it.  OSC believes that fossil fuel is evil and wants to stop using it which will crush our economy along with killing millions.   The killing of millions has to do with energy used for heating, cooking and transportation.

Fossil Fuels:

Think about fossil fuels for a minute.  What are they?  Coal, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Heating Oil, Propane and Natural Gas.   There is other fossil fuels but these are mostly the ones used.   Now lets talk logically; AOC and Sanders believe if we eliminate the usage of these fuels the environment would be so much better off.   The believe that solar and wind power will solve all of this.   What happens when the sun doesn’t shine – there is a major storm or it is night?  No power.   AOC and Sanders have not even addressed the problems with storing energy in batteries which are extremely hazardous – give of explosive gas when charging and have environmental killing chemicals inside.  So no solar – a big storm and your hospitals have no power, refrigeration stops and food spoils. There will be no heat so people will freeze to death.   How will you cook your food?    No water will be pumped to homes and sewer systems stop.   Yes, these folks have really thought this through.  Oh, but the wind – it creates energy right?   Sure – when you have it – and at the same time it wipes out the bird population – but who needs birds.   Now some of what I said is crazy right?   Well it is just as crazy as AOC and Sanders.

Government run Health-Care

Sanders and AOC would have you think government-run health-care is great!  Just think – you get sick and the government makes you all better and it doesn’t cost anything.  Yup, sounds great.   Where does the money come from?  It comes from the government seizing everything you own.   If you need a surgery will you get it?   Well, eventually.  You will just have to wait in line and if you die – there is one less person living off the system.  In socialism the powerful get everything and the every-day citizen will have to wait.  In our current system you find a doctor and the money you work for pays the bills.  You could have your operation immediately, but with socialized medicine – you are just a number.

Democratic Socialism

Sanders and OAC would have you believe that democratic socialism is a great thing.   They say that Venezuela is an exception and it won’t happen here.   Yes, the richest country in South America before socialism is a poor desolate country that has food shortages, medicine shortages, fuel shortages an unreliable power-grid and out of control inflation.  Oh, but it won’t happen here right?  When government takes control of every aspect of your life you can be damn sure that it isn’t going to be pretty.

Socialism will set limits on what you earn and what you can buy.   They get to tell you how much food you can get, you won’t be able to buy that Starbucks coffee because they won’t be in business.  You will have limits on energy usage, you won’t own a home or be able to buy that dream home.   Government controls it all – so maybe they will give you a 1 bedroom apartment for your family of four.   Medicine will not be available, and of course forget airplane travel.  OAC and Sanders wants to eliminate that because it uses fossil fuel.  So no visits to family across the country.   Drive?  Yup that electric car should get you 200 miles before a re-charge – but you will have to wait in line for that – and that is if there is solar power or wind power – and the government says you can have a charge.  Forget that – it will be all public transportation if it is working.

Forget about vacations, camping trips and over-seas adventures.  No planes – no vacations on the beach.   Parks will be controlled by the government.  Camping sites will be a government luxury reserved for the elite.

Go Ahead

Go ahead millennial’s.  Destroy our country.  By the time you get your socialist plans all in order I will be dead.  I will be one of the last generations to enjoy freedom and prosperity in America.  I will have lived the life our ancestors made for us beginning with the American Revolution.

Of course this is my opinion – and I hate the thought of our country going to hell but it is headed there.   If the younger generation don’t pull their head out of the sand, study history and get over the notion that everything should be free our country is doomed.