Social Security Calling Fraud Running Rampant

Social Security Fraud

Social Security Fraud

Social Security Robo Calling Fraud is Running Rampant.   As an occasional blogger I logged over 40 calls to my home telephone and cell phone in the last couple of weeks with people saying they are with Social Security and my Identity has been stolen, security had been compromised or I was going to get arrested.

Now for me I knew this was all fraud because the Social Security Administration would never call you or ask you to verify your identification.   What is more interesting is that with each call block I set up, they would use the same area code, prefix and then use a different group of numbers to keep calling, so as I blocked them the robocaller would just use another number.

These calls do make it through to voice mail and were so intense and disruptive I had to set a call block wildcard on the area code 866 for a week as the calls were coming every 30 minutes or so.

These people are smart because they are playing with lots of Seniors that are using their benefits or medicare and they scare them into giving out information for fear they will lose their benefits.   Many even pay money to these creeps.

Take the time if you have people who are not computer, email and phone savvy to let them know to ignore these type of calls.

If the Social Security Administration has some information they need you will receive a letter in the mail.   If you are worried about anything that has to do with the Social Security Administration you can register on their website.  Here is their website address          You can set up an account there and also set up 2 factor identification (2FA) so that when you try to access your account you won’t be able to until you enter the number that will be texted to your personal cellular phone.   In addition you can require more information to log in such as the last digits of a credit card you own or certain personal questions only you can answer.   Once in the site there is a secure messaging site that you can use to communicate with the Social Security Administration.

What ever you do, never give out information on the telephone, verify even the last 4 numbers of your social security card number, never verify your name, address or any other personal information to a caller.   On your voice mail never leave your name as the greeting.  Only use your phone number.   If you accidentally answer one of these calls and they start to ask personal information hang up.   Never list your telephone number.   Keep your personal information private.  Other steps you can take is to freeze your credit.  It is free to do so to keep people from opening accounts and stealing your identity.

There is many things you can do to keep these criminals at bay.